Thursday, June 9, 2016


Papa and Grammy are here!!! Hooray!!
and what better activity to do than to take them pumpkin picking at Great Country Farms!!

they painted nails 

Papa could only stay about a week, but Grammy stayed for the month! So we refinished our kitchen cabinets! Got rid of the old builders grade oak and harsh maroon paint. Painted the cabinets black and the walls grey. I love it!

Grammy and the girls decorated our front yard for Halloween. 

and made a door monster

Lilly Mae - Kindergarten 

Jayda Grace - 3rd Grade 

Grammy started painting a mural in our living room

I got to go to open class and watch Jayda dance. 

We had a trunk or treat at church and Grammy stole the show!

My little gnome. I made the hat, but the dress is vintage. As in, it was mine in 1980!

The most beautiful pirate you ever did see!

We hosted a Halloween Karaoke party this year. It was small, but fun! We went as day of the dead people. Thanks to Grammy for painting our faces !

We went to Disney Princesses on Ice! the girls loved it! 

I found 2 wing back chairs in the trash the other day. They were in great shape so I refinished them to put in our living room. They were a redish marroon color and faded, so I painted them a cool blue color, painted the legs silver, and added some nail head trim. The whole project cost $25. Not bad!

Our first halloween in South Riding was un-freaking-believable! Hundreds -  HUNDREDS of kids were all up and down Lands End drive. It was incredible. It was like the movie ET where the streets are swarming with kids. oh man we love it here SO MUCH! 

Macey ditched the gnome costume for something warmer and went as a pink poodle. Precious! 

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