Friday, June 10, 2016


December started with our Young Womens In Excellence Program at church. I love my calling as 2nd Counselor in the YW program and I worked extra hard on this evening. We spent an entire month and put together an amazing video about what the girls do to Come Unto Christ. It turned out beautifully and was a great way to hear them testify of Christ. A lovely evening. 

and then there's this totally cute buttcrack ;)

I walked downstairs and found Jayda wearing sunglasses rocking out to ACDC. Right after I took this picture she sang every sing word to Journeys Don't Stop Believing. It was then I realized - I'm a really good mom. 

Still moving furniture all around in our living room. I just can't seem to get it quite right. 

but at least when I'm feeling frustrated from moving furniture around I have a sweet snuggle fur-buddy who makes me happy. 

I taught Jayda how to make tacos. She thinks it's because I want to teach her things. It's really because I want her to do things that I no longer want to do. Shhhh. Our secret. 

We said goodbye to having a crib in our home (insert sob)

and said hello to a big girl bed for our baby (insert more sobbing)

morning view from my kitchen. Do I mention enough how much I love where we live?

If you look very, very closely you'll see a guy hiding between the wall and the 2 cones in the middle of the picture. We were stuck in traffic and I noticed a head quickly pop up and take a photo and then quickly pop back down. For a minute I was thinking I was crazy so I grabbed my phone to take a pic so I could zoom in and see better. He popped up again and pointed his camera right at my car and took a picture. So now I'm nearly positive my photo is on a wall of of people who have to be killed because they saw too much. Dangit. 

We got another box in the mail today!! Christmas dresses from Grandma Axtell!!

My birthday was wicked good this year!! My babies were all happy and healthy and gave me kisses and hugs all day. Russ kept the tradition alive and took work off so I could sleep in and be spoiled ALL DAY LONG. And my gift? Only the coolest gift ever!!! Russ is taking me to Harry Potter World in Orlando!!! EEEKKK! Granted Jayda may have cried a little when I told her it was just me and dad and no kids, but still best present ever!!! 

Russ and I co-hosted an Ugly Sweater Party with The Gillespies. 
Our sweaters were uh-mazing. Russ has an old lady vest that I attached lights to so each flower lit up. My sweater had a 3D baby Jesus. #WINNING

Macey found my lipstick and went bananas. She said she wanted a spa day. 

So I took all 3 girls to a little girl salon and had their hair cut. This is Maceys first hair cut!

We told the girls they could open this one big present on Christmas Eve. 

Look what surprised them inside!?!?!

Christmas Eve PJ'S

Christmas Morning Tradition - Baby Jesus in the center of our celebration. We read the Christmas story and say a prayer before we get started. 

Macey got Doc McStuffins and Lamby!

Lilly got a new Frozen bike just like she wanted!

Jayda got her school dress for Irish Dance. May not seem like much, but it cost more than my wedding dress so....

This wins for best Christmas photo! Jayda was THRILLED to receive the Harry Potter DVD Collection. Her sequels of delight were obviously quite offensive to Lilly Mae. 

2014 Christmas Card 

Grammy and Papa spoiled the girls and took them for dessert and shopping at the American Girl Doll store. The girls were in heaven! 

We celebrated New Years Eve by going bowling and we all had a blast! 

And that my friends, is a happy way to end 2015!


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