Tuesday, June 7, 2016


last week of school is upon us! 

We are ready to snuggle whenever we want and not just for a few minutes before bed!

Lilly insists on wearing her goggles everywhere we go today. She says she's getting used to them for pool time. 

We went to the South Riding Fair. It was so cute. They had a butterfly exhibit and Jayda was brave enough to go inside. The other girls - not so much. 

Macey Jayne is 2! 

My friend Mallory helped me make a "naked cake" because Macey doesn't like frosting as much as the rest of us. We had a simple dinner with some friends and celebrated our sweet girl joining us and completing our family!

On her actual birthday she requested a Dora The Explorer cake. So I did my best. 

I know I've shared this picture before, but I love it so much I had to share again. This picture was totally candid and we did not pose Bailey that way. Those 2 have such a sweet bond. 

As mentioned before, Macey has to hold onto someone while drinking from her bottle. it can be my face, my hand, or even just the tip of my pinki - as long as we're touching. 

and these are just too cute not to share! 

It's the last day of second grade. This is what Jayda looks like on this day in June. She's 8 and still holds that bunny all night long. 

last day of school in 2nd grade! 

I think I've shared this picture before too...but I just love it! Even my incredibly messy playroom makes me happy. It shows me the kids have a safe, fun place to play and grow. 

I literally laid down on the floor to have a second of rest time. Everyone was sitting on the couch and I didn't want to go upstairs to my bed and fall asleep, so I laid on the floor for a minute to simply have a second of rest time. That's exactly how much time I had. One second before all 3 kids got off the comfy couch and laid on top of me while I was on the floor. 

We're enjoying the nice weather.

I'm so thrilled I got this picture. This is the exact hand motion/movement that she gives me every single time she wants to touch me when she's drinking her bottle. it's the "a-hem, I'm waiting, touch me" look. and it gets me every single time .

Jayda had Irish Dance camp the first week of summer so she brought her moves home to teach Lilly. 

She had funky dress up day at dance camp..

and we made it to California!! First thing we did was eat at Wahoos with Austin and Elaine. 

and the second thing we did was get Jayda's ears pierced. We told our girls they could pierce their ears when they turned 8. Well she's bee 8 for 6 months now and she says she's ready! 

this is the last picture taken of Jade without pierced ears. 

Getting ready by marking the spot...

Oh wait - I wanna sit on dad's lap!! 

uh, I'm super scared...
all done, but still crying! 

Hooray! She did it! 

We also made it to Mothers Beach to enjoy the sun minus the Virginia humidity. 

June was great, but we're excited for 4th of July and Uncle Ryan's wedding!!! 

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