Sunday, June 10, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas was great. It is always so wonderful to spend quality time as a family and make memories with our girls. 2011 was a great year and we ended it on a super high note with a wonderful holiday season. 

Daddy helping the girls decorate our Christmas tree. 

Daddy reading Christmas stories to the girls in front of the lit Christmas tree. 

We all love our Riley, but Lilly has an especially special relationship with her. I often find Lilly sitting with Riley in the dog bed just cuddling. It's the cutest thing ever! 

Jayda's Winter Concert at school. All the kindergartners wore PJ's to perform in. She's below in the pink shirt and blue pants with pink ugg boots. There were soooo many kids and soooo many parents that we didn't actually get to see her again once she walked past us to her spot. 

 Decorating cookies for Santa. 

Dear Santa ~ Please be loud so I can wake up. Love, Lilly & Jayda 

This is a picture of after Santa came, but before the girls woke up. Santa went a little overboard this year. Mr and Mrs Clause had a really strict discussion about how this will not happen again next year. Although truth be told - that conversation has taken place for the past 6 years and it hasn't helped. It's a problem. 

Christmas Morning! We went to church first thing in the morning. We let the girls go through their stockings that Santa brought them, but we didn't open any gifts until we got home from church. It was so nice to start off the day with a Christ centered activity such as Sunday worship. What a great way to remind the girls (and us) what the real meaning of Christmas is. 

This is the only type of smile we got from Jayda for about 5 weeks straight...She was so excited to show that her top tooth was loose that she would stick her jaw out to move her tooth around to show how loose it was. 

My mom bought a ukulele for Russ for Christmas. He's really excited to learn how to play! And I LOVE that this picture makes it look like Jayda is handing her dad a beer on Christmas morning! Ha...we were all sharing the last root beer and it was after lunch time at this point. 

Oh, how I love my babies...

...and my handsome husband!