Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our Family in 2012

My sweet friend Elizabeth at takes photos of our family a few times a year. Don't you wish that everyone on the planet had their own personal photographer? It helps that she loves my kiddos and is patient enough to hold her heavy camera and just wait till she can get a great shot. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, but most of the time she spends hours with us just waiting for "the one" that will melt my heart. As you can tell by how many of her photos I've picked to put on the blog...she always gets more than "the one." I love-love-love that I have her photos to document my sweet babies. 
Here are a bunch from Macey's newborn photo shoot we did in July 
(and then I got so busy with 3 kids that I forgot to put them on the blog!). 

Macey Jayne - 3 weeks old

...and here are our 2012 Family Photos...