Saturday, June 4, 2016


This is a picture of a picture so it's not great - but it's us and we're adorable. ;)
 We're celebrating the fact that we are moving in 24 hours! 

and that picture was a lot cuter than this crap. This is us getting all packed up. Ugh. Finding our new home was much more fun than packing up this one! 

But it might not help that I find other things to do instead of pack-
like refinish our kitchen table THE DAY BEFORE our big move. I figure if the table doesn't turn out how I want it to then we drop it in the trash and don't move it at all! 

and here I should be packing, but I was resting and deciding what to eat for lunch. this packing thing is exhausting! 

Macey agrees  - this is exhausting! 

here we go!!! 

uh-oh, minor delay. I hit our neighbors car the morning of our move. Grrrr. 

But that's okay - we made it!! 

But now guess what?? 
We got the flu!! Jayda got hit first and mama quickly followed so there was 4 days of nothing but puking, sleeping, saltines, water. 

We didn't have internet or cable set up yet so what could we do while recovering from the flu and trying to unpack? Huddle around a small plug in DVD player. Good times! 

Unpacking is for the birds! You know what we should do??? Go to Tennessee with our BFFs!!!

We went to Dollywood 

We relaxed at the cabin and enjoyed the hot tub on the deck

the girls went fishing for the first time 

and then enjoyed eating what they caught! 

Sorry you're not in these pictures Macey. You were sound asleep in your stroller. 

When it got super rainy we went to an indoor mini golf course. 

it glowed in the dark! 

then we went to the aquarium 

It was a great trip! 

The next week I found some selfies on my phone courtesy of Jade and Lils 

Then we had an Easter Egg hunt with our friends the Steeles and Gillespies 

Easter Morning! 

Helping mama bake our Easter morning breakfast 

Daddy got us tickets to the Easter Egg Roll again this year!! So fun! 


Do you wanna know what would be funny? It would be HILARIOUS if on the 2nd day going to her brand new school and being the new kid in class she dressed up for FUTURE DAY on the wrong day! Poor Jade dressed up as POTUS for Future Day. Name tag, neck tie and all! But whooops! wrong day. She handled it beautifully - as she always does! She said she took off the coat and slid her tie into her backpack and just "played it cool." This kid rocks so hard! 

After all the activity and fun times we had this month we are pooped! 

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