Friday, June 3, 2016


February was cold. So it was filled with lots and lots of snuggles. 

Remember last month we saw that Jayda got her first ukulele lesson? Here's the first song she ever wrote.

I got to go to Lilly's preschool class and celebrate Chinese New Year (I think that's what it was - a dragon was involved)

Sometimes it was too cold to get out of the car so we'd put it off as long as possible and take funny selfies while enjoying the heater.

Daddy daughter date

Lilly concentrating extra hard while writing out her class valentines. 

Valentines Dresses courtesy of Grandma Axtell! So gorgeous! 

We had another snow storm. Dad spent most of the day building a really cool igloo with tunnels. Mom spent most of the day keeping warm in the house with Macey, but did get out for a few minutes to build a cute snow lady. 

I tried to wear my hair curly for the first time in years. - it didn't go well. 

These people are just the cutest! 

Jayda and Lilly got hair cuts. 

and then when they got home they said they were excited because they looked like mama with their straight hair - so selfies were needed to document - and I think they're right! 

School project for Jayda - she had to create a 3D person to show what she wants to be when she grows up. She wants to be a chef. 

Lilly and I had a special day to spend with each other. She asked to make a skirt for her and her American Girl Doll. So we took one of dad's old dress shirts and got busy! 
I think it turned out pretty cute! 

Bailey is willing to put up with constant neck hugs because goldfish crackers are usually involved. 

Even though it was snowy we still needed an ice cream fix. 

she's just too cute! 

oh, and did I mention we sold our home and bought a house in South Riding?!?!? EEEEKKKK!!! Russ and I went to lunch on Valentines Day and I saw a house pop up on redfin. We went to check it out and put an offer in right away - and even though they had cash offers that would have been easier for the seller - they selected us because we had 3 little girls just like them and they felt we'd be a good fit for the neighborhood! BLESSED!!!!
We're moving from Fairfax to Loudoun County and are so excited! The house is stunning! 
Here we are toasting the sale of our Fairfax home and the purchase of our new house!!!

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