Saturday, June 4, 2016


3 little princesses helping me make the weirdest shaped pancakes ever

FHE with the Sister Missionaries in our ward

it snowed (again) so we made snow ice cream! 

Happy little Macey  is almost 2!

Screaming Macey may not make it to 2 unless she shuts her yapper 

and stops crunching up her pirate booty on the floor!

This face! Sweet Bailey (or Bae as she's often called) 
is just total zen regardless of whats going on around her! 

and it's great because she's self sufficient so I know she'll be okay if we forget to feed her

Jayda had crazy hair day at school 

After weeks and weeks and weeks of snow we had a very unseasonably warm day. 
So we ditched school and headed to the zoo! 

Macey figured out how to push the stool to the door so she could reach the handle. Luckily she can't figure out how to unlock the door..yet. 

Lilly's preschool picture. 

Macey has to hold onto me whenever she drinks her bottle. I know she's getting old for a bottle, but she's my last baby and I refuse to rush her. I'd  miss these snuggle moments too much. And as time consuming as it is, I love sitting with her having my face smushed by her dirty little hand. 

Macey had a lot of correspondence to write this month,

the older girls built a fort. 

the sneaky little leprechauns came and played tricks on the girls again for St. Patty's day.
They randomly hung a banana from their bedroom door... 

hung streamers in the kitchen...

put mustaches on Lilly's dolls...

and on Jayda's animals...

They hung streamers from the kitchen light...

at least they left treats for the girls on the table.

but they also changed Baileys water green 

and hung a little baby doll upside down by her feet. 
Those little leprechauns are kinda rude. 

Russ and I had a date night! 

When you go to the hair salon with your baby you have to get creative on ways to keep her entertained while your foils are in your hair.

Guess who turned 5!!!!!  

We celebrated over several days. First she wanted to go Generous Georges Pizza on her actual birthday. She made a cute crown, made a personal pizza, and ate ice cream! Her party was at the end of the month so pictures will come soon! 

Grammy came to visit. We went shopping but all she found were some big balls. 

Jayda had another feis and she placed 1st!!

Go Jayda Grace!!! 

I was able to go see a concert with my friend, Elizabeth. We had a great time!

and then we REALLY celebrated Lilly's birthday by having a great party! She asked to have a party at Build A Bear Workshop with her bestest buddies. She also requested I  make her a Frozen theme cake so my friend Mallory came over and helped.  I think it turned out cute! 

We sure love and enjoy this 5 year old! Happy Birthday Lils!! 

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