Tuesday, June 7, 2016


We had a slumber party with Erin and Kate at Grammy and Papa's new house! It's so cozy there. It feels like we're staying in a cottage resort and the girls had so much fun! 

Movie matinee 

followed by an afternoon at the beach 

at the hotel getting ready for Uncle Ryan's wedding! 



It was a beautiful wedding! 

these cousins sure love each other! 

After our trip to San Diego for the wedding we went back to Grammy and Papas place for some fun with googly eyes. 

and more time at the beach

My favorite part of July was spending the night away in Palm Springs with my main squeeze. Uncle Dallas and Aunt Karen watched Jayda, Lilly, & Macey for us so we could have 24 hours of relaxation. Our first stop was at target for a bag of popcorn to eat on our drive. 

We made it to the casino! Didn't win big, but we had fun playing. 

The hotel we stayed at was beautiful and had a boat pick up inside the lobby. 

We had fun lounging by the pool

but I really missed the kids. Russ - not so much. 

When we got back we spent some time with the kids, Grammy and Papa, Austin, Elaine, Dallas, and Karen at Belmont Shores playing on the carousel. Then we spent the evening at the Pirate Dinner Adventure! 

 We finished our trip up with Jayda's very first surfing lesson courtesy of Uncle Dallas!! 

While Jayda was surfing, daddy took his other two girls out to play in the waves 

Uncle Austin and Uncle Dallas both took Lilly out to surf too! It was supposed to be Jayda only, but Lilly is small but mighty! This brave girl refused to miss out on the fun and she caught a few good waves herself! 

Papa and Grammy took us to breakfast at Dennys. But Papa doesn't just order like a regular person. He tells the girls to order ANYTHING they want! So multiple meals, multiple drinks, and multiple happy squeels were had by all. 

and now every time we go eat my kids wonder why we only let them order one meal. thanks, papa. 

Papa spoils them in the restaurant and Grammy spoils them in the water. 
Paddle boarding at mothers beach! 

We got back to Virginia safe and sound. 

And here are some pictures of my adorable toddler. 

The next weekend we went to the Loudoun County Fair. 
It was super country. We even saw a bunch of high school students wearing camouflage and overalls and they weren't kidding. so epic. 

Jayda asked if she could have a summer get together with her church friends. Coming from a ward in Fairfax where she was the only girl her age to having so many church friends to play with is a HUGE blessing! it was a pizza eating dance party and fun was had by all. 

and then there's this kid. She is seriously so awesome. 
She has the most independent go-getter spirit and I just adore her. I mean look at her in those boots. this kid means business! 

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