Tuesday, June 7, 2016


We spent a whole day at Great Country Farms. It was blazin' hot, but we still had such a great day! We went on a wagon ride and picked apples, we jumped on the jumping pillow, swung on the rope swing, rode the big off wheel bike, fed goats, went down slides, ate a picnic, and did the push carts. I only used my phone to take pics and told the girls I'd do nothing but focus and play with them all day - and it was glorious! 

There's another human smashed between those 2! 

here she is! 

Macey thought mama needed a little help getting started

Time to wash the farm off us! 

Jayda and Lilly got all "fancy" and made a video to the Iggy Azaela song "Fancy." It was epic. 

We got to spend a lovely afternoon with some of our best friends, The Lai Family!

Russ and I went with The Gillespies to see Jim Gaffigan at Wolf Trap. It was so much fun!

We had a neighborhood alley party. 

have I  mentioned how much I love where we live!!  Kids EVERYWHERE!

Jayda got a hair cut (Lilly opted out)

I can't believe I made these three gorgeous people!

Lilly taught herself how to ride a bike with no training wheels. We bought her a balance bike last weekend. Its one of those bikes with no pedals so you push with your feet and then balance while you glide. It is supposed to help prepare the kids for a bike with no training wheels. Well it worked!! Russ took the training wheels of Lillys bike and when he went to put his tools back in the garage - Lilly took off!!! She didn't even wait for us or need us one bit! We were floored!! We had planned to spend all afternoon working with her trying to teach her how to ride her 2-wheeler, but typical Lilly - she taught herself in a millisecond! My daring, independent, fearless girl! She makes me proud! 

We had a fun staycation weekend planned with our friends The Gillespie and The Steeles. On Friday night the couples all went go-kart r

and on Saturday we took the kids to Greenbriar State Park to swim and play

sweet Josh is always so good to Macey 

The next day we had a pretty cool rain storm. The girls (human and canine alike) decided to sit on the porch and watch the rain

Jayda had a mommy/daddy/daughter date. We went to Generous Georges Pizza and played Mini Golf. 

We wanted to make a fresh apple pie so we went apple picking one morning. 

Jayda said Lilly taught herself how to ride a bike so quickly that she wanted to try to teach herself to skate in an afternoon. It didn't go quite as well, but she looked adorable trying! 

We had fun at the glow in the dark pool party! Man alive I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY!

Jayda and Lilly love each other so fiercely. It melts my heart. Here they are walking through Little River Elementary to find out who Jayda's 3rd grade teacher will be and who Lilly will have for Kindergarten. 

Jayda has Mrs. Deiter and Lilly has Mrs. Mitkowski! 

We finished up the last weekend of our summer with a trip to the Family Drive In to see How to Train Your Dragon 2!

We loaded up the Yukon and headed to Stephens City. It's a drive-in theater like the olden days. they have an old little playground, a fiend to run around on, and a great little snack place. We played games, ate snacks, and had a great time! It was especially fun to take Bailey on the adventure with us. The girls all fell asleep before the 2nd movie started so we loaded them up and drove home. It was a sweet way to end August. 

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