Tuesday, February 19, 2013


July was great. We finally started getting back into the swing of daily life. I was able to start walking around a bit. After nearly 5 months on bed rest and a c-section it felt good to find some of my independence again. My dad joined my mom out here in Virginia to meet Macey and help take care of all of us while I continued to heal. It was so nice to have them in town while we were learning what life would be like with three little humans in our home. 

July was filled with lots of cuddles, rests, and pictures of our newbie. 

Below is what I find when I lend my mom my camera for the afternoon.

My little artist! My mom hung a bunch of Lilly's artwork on the wall. Isn't her "gallery" amazing! 
At 3 years old she could paint all day and be a happy little camper. 

Macey had her first real bath. 

We were just all soooooo tired all the time. 

This was the first 4th of July in over 5 years that we didn't go to the Fairfax parade. I just wasn't feeling up to it and I was worried about taking Macey out in the extreme heat so we stayed home and had a great time! We had our own firework show put on my Russ, the kids decorated their bikes and rode around, and they had a silly string fight. It was a great day and we were lucky to spend it with Grammy and Papa. 

How cute is Papa helping Jayda brush her hair?!?

Grammy played some playdough with Lil's 

Dressed in their patriotic gear ready to celebrate. 

I told her to clean. I did not tell her to clean in a princess dress. 
I promise I don't make them dress up and reenact Cinderella! 

Jayda is kissing Macey. Lilly is kissing her "baby" while she waits for her turn with the real baby. 

Lilly is consoling Jayda who hurt herself. I love seeing the two of them together. So sweet. 

Jayda did a 2 week Irish Dance camp and LOVED it! 
Here she is showing her certificate for "Best Jump 2-3s" 

Here she is with a few of her student teachers. 

Grandma Axtell came out to meet Macey and help me while Russ traveled to China and Japan for work. Not only did she help with cooking and cleaning and laundry and kid watching and driving Jayda to and from her dance class...she also made cute hair corker accessories and yummy treats! The girls sure love having their Grandma here. We went for ice cream and they took some nice walks. It was so nice to have her visit and have the help while my hubby was away! 

And yes, this is a picture of me nursing. Inappropriate to post here for all to see?  Probably. However, notice what Jayda and Lilly are doing?!?! They are sitting right next to me "nursing" their own babies. 
Too stinkin' cute!