Saturday, June 4, 2016


In April we moved out of our Fairfax starter home and into our new home in South Riding!!! 
Here are some pictures of our home in Fairfax. These photos are what was used when we listed the house for sale. 
4416 Cortez Drive - Fairfax VA 22030 

Open Floor Plan - Living Room 

Dining area attached to living room 

Walking down the stairs into the basement 

basement laundry room 

basement bathroom 

master bedroom 

Jayda and Lillys princess castle room 

Macey's Nursery 

Main bathroom 

Playground with swingset and trampoline 

 we had 1/4 acre 

We had 2 babies in this home. I was able to quit work and be a stay at home mom. We had wonderful neighbors, lived 3 doors down from the school, and made life long friends. We worked so, so, so hard to buy this house and to make it our home. We purchased for $315 and 2 years later sold it for $415. 

The $100,000 we made helped us buy this....
(pictures are from the listing we saw so this is not our stuff/furniture/decor)

entry way looking into dining room 

that door is the front entry - office to the right - dining to the left

office/front room 

living room with amazing large window- - so much light! 

Open floor plan 


kitchen with door to backyard deck

bar! we'll live at this bar! breakfasts, homework time, crafts!! 

master bedroom 

master bath 

upstairs bedroom #1

upstairs bedroom #2 

upstairs bedroom #3

girls bathroom 


guest bedroom in basement 

guest bathroom 


We are so excited!! This already feels like home! We can't wait to decorate and make it our own! 

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