Saturday, January 23, 2010

4: Fun, Friends, and Fancy

What do you get when you combine 11 little girls ages five and under,

enough boas to dress an entire Vegas show,

and more glitter than you knew could even be purchased?...

A fun, fabulous, “Fancy Nancy” themed 4th Birthday Party

and a very, very happy little Jayda Grace!!!




Upon arrival, each guest had their nails painted super fancy.

After manicures, the girls all made personalized tiaras and cute mirrors!

Once the tiaras were on their fancy little heads it was time to get super glam!

All of the guests visited "Jayda's Fancy Boutique" and

were outfitted with boas, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and sunglasses!!

What do you do when you are glam and fabulous?...

You go on a Fashion Parade around the house!


(Requested songs included Poker Face and Single Ladies...very impressive).

Please notice Jayda's incredible pirate face (arrrgh matey).

No dance party is complete without some ring-around-the-rosie.

Even though their presence was present enough...the guests all gave Jayda some very fancy and fun gifts....and she had a blast opening them all up!

She felt very special. It was soooo cute to see

each little girl get so excited about giving their gift.

Giving a Thank You HUG for one of her presents.

Time to sing and have some cupcakes!

Saying goodbye to her friends at the end of her fabulous party!


I know this sounds a bit like an Oscar speech, but I have to take a minute to say thanks...this party DRAINED me! It was quite a bit of planning and elbow grease and Russ and I had some great helpers!

A big thank you to CAMILLE, DANA, MARY-JO, VICKI, AND RAINY for helping with the party. You guys did nails, helped with crafts, played with the girls, and kept me sane! Thanks.

Thanks to Heather for letting me borrow her camera so I could take these great pics! Jayda will love seeing these in 20 years!

Big thank you to Kerri for staying up with me late (on the eve of her 30th birthday) to decorate and bake cupcakes. The decorations were fantastic---thanks again!

Huge thank you to sweet Suzanne who made the most amazing birthday party invites ever created! They were super cute and Jayda talked about them every day for about a month! Super fancy and fun...thank you/thank you/thank you!

But lets face it - the one thing that makes a party truly fun is the good company! Jayda had a great cast of characters at her special event.


Fancy Jayda

Fancy Natalie

Fancy Bella

Fancy Abbey

Fancy Abigail

Fancy Belle

Fancy Ella

Fancy Madigan

Fancy Margot

Fancy Natalie

Fancy Ruby

Fancy Ava

Happy 4th Birthday Jayda. You Bring A LOT of Fancy to our lives!