Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas was Merry!

Christmas at the Roth house was filled with love, laughter, and a ton of wrapping paper. Santa was good to the girls. They each got an American Girl Doll. Jayda was beside herself with joy. She'd been asking for her Elizabeth doll for about 3 months and wrote several, pleading letters to Santa making sure he knew what she wanted and why she deserved it (she was a very, very good girl this year). Lilly didn't seem to care much about the doll, but one of the boxes on the ground was a real hit!

Jayda's main gift from us was her talking, light-up princess vanity. Lilly got two bitty babies and a double stroller. Jayda gave hugs after nearly ever gift and kept saying "thank you guys" over and over again. It was very sweet. I was so proud of her and her "attitude of gratitude." She was well-behaved and polite. Sweet and funny and willing to share. Lilly, however, is lucky she's cute.

Russ bought me an insanely BEAUTIFUL watch that I totally adore and I bought him a handgun (44 Special)...because what says "we love baby Jesus" more than a weapon, right?

We were also spoiled rotten (again) by our extended family. Great gifts, thoughtful presents, and handmade items were all strewn across the floor. It looked like Macy's blew up in our living room. It was a really good way!

Although the gifts were amazing and spectacular, we tried to keep our focus on the real reason we were celebrating...the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. As we all know, it can be an extremely difficult task of keeping Him as our main thought while we're driving in traffic at the mall, waiting in long lines, and stressing over which gift to get for each person. How did we do it (not that we did it as well as we would have liked)?? We had several lessons with the girls about the real reason we celebrate Christmas, discussions about what was so miraculous about Jesus' birth, and some fun "Christ-centered" activities. My favorite was our "gifts to Jesus." We took little ornaments in the shape of presents and wrote on each of them what our "gift" to Jesus would be. Then we hung those ornaments on our Christmas tree so we could see them every day and remind ourselves what we could do to show Him our love. Jayda gave: thankfulness, hugs to sister, and reverence. Russ gave kindness to everyone and more time to family. I gave patience (this one has proven to be an extremely difficult gift to give as apparently I have none. In fact, patience is such a HUGE gift...I only gave the one present. Jesus understands. In my world, giving patience equates to about 1,000 gifts). Lilly gave "not hitting." This too, has proven difficult for her. She's working on it...which, as I'm sure you can guess, is affecting my gift of patience.

Anyhoo - we all hope your Christmas was filled with laughter, love, family, and the knowledge that Christ lives.

Happy Holidays!
PS. I know its a ridiculous amount of photos (which are in no particular order)...but I don't scrapbook so this is my way of remembering how awesome it all was!

Lilly enjoying her gifts while resting.

Baking cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve

I guess I didn't have the stockings hung by Jayda's deadline...
because she put these up without consulting me.

Jayda as an angel at her school Christmas concert

Helping daddy put the star on top our tree

Does anyone else think they look like they should be playing fiddles
and walking through the corn?

Loving on her new best buddy - Elizabeth
the American Girl Doll Santa brought

Before it was ravaged.

Russ opening up his new Lakers jacket. Look how excited he is!
Please notice he's already wearing a Lakers sweater. Yes, it's an addiction.

Super excited to get the gift from my pops.

An entire make up kit just for Jayda.
Do you think she's excited?

Jayda opening her gift from Lilly. So sweet.

Russ spoiled me. Like a lot. It's BEAUTIFUL!

Dancing to the music her new airplane plays.

You mean this is all for me!!

One of the best gifts of the morning. Grandma-Made Jammies for both girls WITH matching jammies for their American Girl that's LOVE!

Jayda telling her daddy "thank you" for a gift we gave her.
This is my very favorite picture from this Christmas. Such a sweet girl.
She just melts his heart (as you can tell).

She's worn these every day (most of the day) for an entire week!

Hooray! A new princess cup just for me!

Playing in her new dress with her new make up applied like a pro!