Tuesday, June 7, 2016


It's getting warmer! Sunglasses and pool time are in our future!

Macey still insists on holding onto someone every time she drinks her bottle. Lilly is such a good big sister sacrificing her comfort level to squeeze Macey. 

 This mothers day the older girls and I went to get mani/pedis. But when we got there I nearly choked at the price! It is almost triple what it costs in California! So I skipped out and just had the girls get their nails painted. Isn't that hilarious? The girls get spoiled and pampered on Mothers Day??!

Each Mothers Day I make the kids take a pic with me.

Jayda Grace - 8 years old 

Macey Jayne - 23 Months 

 Lilly Mae - 5 years old 

Mothers Day and my birthday are always so great thanks to Russ. I get to sleep in. I don't have to cook a single meal AND I get presents. Even if my present is wrapped in an old bassinet sheet because he didn't know where the tissue paper was. hahaha. 

Lilly celebrated her last day of preschool at Living Savior. Her teachers were Miss Chelly and Miss Liz were so great. Lilly sure will miss them! 

With the weather warming up we enjoyed some time at the splash pad

and at the end of May the pool opened! Hooray! I can't believe our community pool is just a few streets over (just a 3 minute walk!) and it has a pirate ship and big slide! It's like having your own personal water park! 

and how awesome is my pool pass!!!!!! Macey's baby arm was in the picture with me so I look just like the baby hand skit from SNL. Priceless. 

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