Tuesday, June 24, 2014


With September comes school.  It's so nice that the kids get to see their friends again and I love seeing their little minds come home filled with new facts...but I miss them terribly.  I just love having them home with me so the beginning of each  new school year is always bitter sweet.

Miss Jayda Grace - First Day of Second Grade

Miss Lilly Mae - First Day of Pre-K (second year of preschool) 

Going to the temple and they're gonna get married.....
Congrats Mr and Mrs Dallas Porter!! 

Before the wedding...

After the wedding...

Welcome to the family Karen! 

The day after the wedding we grabbed lunch with my folks before we flew home. They had the kids with them in the morning and this is how they showed up to eat at Wahoos...

I love this picture. I know it's just a suitcase but it so defines us. My suitcase (like my room and inside my head) is a hot mess of chaos. Russ' is (like his side of the room and inside his head) is simple, clean, and uncomplicated. 

This is the way to travel. We always take the red eye home because our girls are such traveling professionals that they throw their eye masks on and fall asleep before take off. 

The wedding was great. We were only in town for three days, but it was so nice to celebrate with the family. It sure was a love-filled weekend.

Dallas and Karen got married on September 7th, which means that Russ and I spent our 10 year anniversary helping with final preparations the night before the big day. We celebrated with a nice dinner when we got home. I sure love this man. He's my best decision. 

We celebrated Russ' 35th birthday! Here's a poster the girls made for him. 

Jayda also wrote him a story...

We finished up September with Lilly is in the doctors...again. This time the poor kid fell at school and hit her neck on the rounded edge of a table. When I picked her up from school it looked a bit red, but nothing too bad. When she woke up the next morning I saw her walking down the stairs and I gasped when I saw her neck. This photo doesn't do it justice at all! She had a bump the size of a baseball on her neck and she said she could barely move. Scared the bajeezers out of me! The doctor said she had one of the worst hemotomas (no idea how to spell that) she'd ever seen in a kid. Poor baby had some major internal bleeding and had to be monitored for a week to make sure the swelling went down. She was a trooper!
Never a dull moment!

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