Tuesday, June 24, 2014


We had a few snow days in February which mean the kids were bored. Apparently they decided to sneak my camera and take photos around the house to entertain themselves. They took some good ones...

Daddy spent some quality time reading to his three beauties...

and wee Macey Jayne just got cuter and cuter...

We enjoyed a sweet Valentines Day celebration at home with a quiet dinner and little gifts of love. 

Jayda got a new chapter book. 

Lilly got a new "if you give..." book

We had heart shaped cucumbers with pink ranch dressing 

a homemade heart shaped pepperoni pizza 

and some cookie bowls filled with their favorite ice cream and toppings. 

Daddy was at work late so he couldn't join us. We were sad because we missed him so much, but we still had fun together and counted our blessings for all the love we share! 

and have I mentioned how cute this baby is?!?!...

Jayda & Lilly were thrilled to dance in their first feis! It was an in-school feis so they competed against other dances from their school. It was so cute to see them up there dancing their little hearts out!

Lilly is number 190

 Jayda is number 189

Lilly and Jayda both did great! Lilly got a participation trophy and some great praise from the judges. They were shocked at how little she is for someone that had such great form. Jayda also did really well and placed first in her category. We were proud of both of them for getting on stage in front of about a thousand people and some judges staring right at them! Good job, babies!

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