Tuesday, June 24, 2014


For Valentines Day this earlier this year, Russ gave each of us girls a card with a puppy on it. Inside he wrote that it was "time to get a puppy!" We were so excited. It took us 8 months to even consider getting a new furry family member after losing Riley. We went to several adoption fairs and saw some super cute pups, but when I laid eyes on this little golden girl I knew she was meant to be ours! I only saw her for a split second as she was being carried from one room to another in the shelter. She was too young to have anyone see her and she wasn't available for a few more weeks - but that quick moment, from far away, I just fell in love! I put our names on a list and they called the following week. They brought her by for a home visit to see how she would fit in with our family..and she never left! She is a rescue pup so nobody is 100% sure what she is, but the adoption group and the vets both put their money on 1/2 German Shepard & 1/2 Akita and absolutely adorable! We adopted her from a rescue in Baileys Crossroads which is a town outside of DC where Barnum & Baileys circus was founded so in honor of the place we first laid eyes on her we named her Bailey! Most of April was spent cuddling with our new pup. Welcome to the family, Bailey!!! 

The girls had fun in Bailey's crate. 

It was quickly discovered that this dog was really meant for Lilly. She spent the time training and cuddling Bailey more than the rest of us. She instantly took to the sweet pup and squeezes her face and neck and kisses her about a thousand times a day. 

All that playing in the backyard really wore her out! 

Macey sure loves her Lilly! 

I was lucky enough to spend one morning in April at Lilly's preschool for her "Special Person Tea!" It was so cute and I loved seeing the time and effort Lilly put in making the chocolate treats and learning the songs they sang. I did indeed feel very special!! My favorite part was just watching her play on the playground. She's so stinkin' precious!!! 

Macey got some good cuddle time while daddy got some rest. Melt my heart! 

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