Tuesday, June 24, 2014


In January our sweet Lilly Mae became a SUNBEAM! It's was so cute to see her pick out her favorite dress to wear to church on her special day. She was so excited to carry her new church bag I made for her and gave her for Christmas. She picked out each crayon she wanted to carry and was thrilled to have her own pocket size Book of Mormon. She really did make the absolute cutest sunbeam!

Macey joined her sisters for the first time in the bath. 
As you can see - she was totally freaked out by the experience. 

For Jayda's 7th birthday she asked if she could take 2 friends to Medieval Times. She wanted to dress up like princesses and watch the knights battle while eating overpriced food with her hands. 
How could we say no!?

Her invitation was sent out and her cute friend Lily RSVP's in the most adorable way! She actually dropped off a cute bird puppet (aka the homing pigeon as mentioned in the invite) that had her reply in it's mouth. Jayda giggled for about an hour and slept with that puppet for the next 30 days. It was just so cute! 

 Lilly Mae was worried she would be scared during the show so she opted to stay home...but she wanted to get dressed and see her sister off with a proper princess wave. 

On her actual birthday we had a simple heart shaped cake and sang to her. It was equally as nice to celebrate in our pj's with just our lil family. 

Happy 7th Birthday, Jayda Grace! We love you!