Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I swear she gets cuter every day! It's been a bit hard with her not crawling well and still being so far from walking because she's getting pretty big and heavy. She army crawls and slides around the floor and follows me around all day. Every time I look down on the floor I see this looking up at me so I can't complain! That's a pretty cute view! 

She loves her car she got for her 1st birthday! 

This lil pumpkin wears skirts every day. I just love her sporty personality! 

I will miss these days. When my girls get older and stop holding hands and cuddling when they walk. It's so precious to see them so close. 

My tiny dancer. She's LOVING ballet! 

Russ and I joined Joe and Heather at a 5K Zombie Run. I was only slightly embarrassed at what an awful runner I am. I just couldn't keep up, plus my stupid c-section incision kept pulling and killing me at each of the obstacles. :( Oh well, at least my cute hubby stayed by my side and my kind friends didn't make too much fun of me! 

Lilly wasn't feeling well one day and looked at me with those big blue eyes and said "I don't feel good mama...will you straighten my hair?" Wha? Okay. I'm not sure what that has to do with making you feel better, but I'm happy to try. It didn't make her feel any better, but she did look mighty cute! 

Our annual family trip to The Cox Farms Pumpkin Patch! It's a favorite tradition! 




I just thought I should document what our Sundays usually look like. We are usually in the foyer due to crying babies and the girls try so hard to be reverent and listen. They're so sweet and I'm so blessed to be their mama. 

Super fun sitting on things mom tells me not to over and over again! 

I found this little gem on my phone. This may be one of her first legitimate selfies! 

We have a lot of fun and love as a family...but it's because we're so good together and we work hard at being in love. We try to find time to be together as often as possible and try to treat each other with as much kindness as possible. He usually wins. He's so good to me! 

Lil's isn't too sure about this whole gutting the pumpkin thing. 

Macey got in on the fun by using markers to color her pumpkin. 

Even Bailey got in on the fun! 

Sweet Macey is wearing a dress that I wore when I was her age! The wig is a new addition. 

Lils wanted to be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween and it may just have been the cutest thing ever! 

I'm so blessed to be a stay-at-home mom and experience my kids day-to-day lives. The fact that I get to sit and watch my Lilly parade around her preschool in her Alice costume is just plain awesome. She was beaming with such pride and happiness. It got me all choked up to see how happy she was that I was sitting there with my camera. I'm not sure who it meant more to...her or me. It was so cute! 

Macey went as a Mac-caw which was so fitting because she kind of sounds like one when she screams. 

Jayda asked to be Alice in Wonderland and begged me to make her costume. So I timidly took on the challenge and I was pretty proud of my self with what I came up! I made the dress, crown, and belt/waist piece. I really like how it turned out and was so happy to see how much she loved it. Plus, I got to spend extra time with Jayda while we put it together so that's always a bonus. 

Happy Hallowen, ya'll! 

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