Tuesday, June 24, 2014


We had some snow AGAIN in early March and the girls LOVED playing together in the falling snow... 

...but apparently Lilly may have stayed out a bit too long since when she came in the house her face looked like this...

after the girls had a warm bath they ate some cookies like this (I don't know why they did it, but I thought it was adorable)...

Lilly also spent the snow days working on very special art pieces.

On March 16th Lilly Mae turned 4! She's getting so big and she is so much fun!! She had a great day opening presents and eating cake. 

I love this picture. Lilly asked for her very own box of wheat thins for her birthday! Our sweet neighbors surprised her with a custom box just for her! She was THRILLED! I'd say she was even more excited with this gift than the American Girl Doll Tea Set! 

I love the sequence of these next photos! She was so excited to get her favorite princess doll. She was just hugging and swinging her around. It was especially cute when we told her that we were taking her to Cinderella's castle at Disneyland for her birthday. She giggled and her eyes filled up with tears. It was so precious! 

Lilly requested a bowling party with her friends this year and I have to admit it was pretty darn great! Our neighbor, Vicki, made her an adorable bowing cake. I put together some cute bowling pin treat bags and the bowling ally did the rest! It was so great for me to have a low-stress party and Lils seemed to love it. Her little friends are just the cutest! 

St. Patrick's Day is the day after Lilly's birthday. Ever year those sneaky little leprechauns play the silliest little tricks on the kids. This year they hung shoes filled with candy from the lights. They put the barbie dolls on top of the curtain rods, they put mustaches and party hats on the girls dolls, and they turned the toilet water green sprinkled with gold glitter (that truthfully ended up looking like chunks of leprechaun pooh). They also turned the milk green, as usual, and hid the girls backpacks because they think it's funny to make us late for school! 

We flew to California and enjoyed every minute of being at Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and paddle-boarding at the beach with Grammy. Oh Southern California how I love thee. 

Papa likes to snuggle Macey while nibbling on her ear. She LOVES it! 

Papa, Grammy, Jayda, & Lilly all have annual passes to knotts berry farm and every time we travel to California they take the girls several times. It's their hang out and probably some of the girls favorite summer memories are hanging out at knotts with grammy and papa and picking out candy at the candy store. I think it's so cute that they love it so much since their daddy and I met at Knotts Berry Farm in 1997! We've come full circle! 

Paddle-boarding with Grammy is the coolest! 

Peek-a-boo, baby! Macey staying warm and snuggley at the beach.

While in California we celebrated Nammy's 87th birthday by dressing up like we were living int he 50's and took her to Johnny Rockets for dinner. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! The girls all wore some of Nammy's actual glass frames that she kept from the 50's and 60's and we put on some fun clothes and her red lipstick and had a great time! It was so cute to see her enjoy being spoiled and sing along while we were all singing Happy Birthday to her. She is just the absolute coolest and I pray I'm half as amazing as she is at any time in my life let alone at the age of 87!! 

This is the look Papa gives me when I'm taking too many pictures of him feeding the baby. 

it was a long dinner and our youngest two were all tired out and ready for me to push them back home. 

The main reason we went to California in March was so we could be with our family for Macey Jayne's blessing. We decided to keep it intimate and personal and have the blessing at Grandpa Roth's house. It was so beautiful. I think it was my favorite baby blessing out of the 3 girls (Sorry Jayda and Lilly). It was so nice to have Grandpa Roth hold her during the blessing while Russ and Papa laid their hands on her head and blessed her. It was a beautiful feeling to be surrounded by all our family in the beautiful sunlight. It was perfect. Russ blessed Macey that she would be a light to those around her, that she would bring happiness to her family, that she would serve others, and that she would always know how loved she is by her family and her Father in Heaven and that she will also turn to the Lord throughout her life. It was perfect and I know her teeny tiny little self could feel the sweet spirit that was there that day. 

Do I  mention enough what a hottie I married? Seriously. He's smokin' hot! 

After the blessing we all ate our favorite meal - In & Out Burger and then played in the park. It was the perfect day! 

How cute are Grammy and Papa? I was so blessed to grow up with such amazing examples of pure dedication and unconditional love. They are so, so special. 

The last day of the month was Easter. We were still at Grammy and Papa's so we enjoyed a morning filled with Easter baskets and church, but we were really missing our daddy who had to go home to work. :( 

We took the older girls to Disneyland and had such a blast. I have so many amazing memories from my childhood at Disneyland with my dad so it means to much to me to spend time with my girls there. This photo is so fantastic that no other photos are needed from that day! I wish it was better quality...poor Lilly...she really did think she was gonna die. 

My dad hooked Russ and I up while we were in town and we went to The Staples Center two nights in a row. First for a Lakers game and then for a Kings game. It was so fun!!!!! We had amazing seats for the Kings Game, but for the Lakers Game we were straight ballers! Dad got us into the suite/private restaurant where we feasted with the families of the players and enjoyed watching the game from the best seats in the house. We were lucky to go with Ryan and Shelly. It was one of Russ' bucket list items so I'm super grateful to dad for hooking us up! 

March was CRAZY BUSY but filled with an endless amount of celebration. We celebrated Lilly's birthday, Nammy's birthday, Macey's blessing day, and the Resurrection of Christ. What an amazing, love-filled month. We are so blessed and I hope looking back at these photos will always reaffirm an attitude of gratitude for what we have experienced in this amazing earthly life. 

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