Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Happy 4th of July! God Bless America!! 

I had such a fun time seeing my 4 very best friends from elementary school! We hadn't seen each other in over 20 years and it was an absolute blast to reconnect with them. We all got together to support our friend, Elizabeth Taylor, as she brought out her one-woman show from NYC to LA for a festival. It was so great to see her on stage! We all knew as kids that she would end up doing exactly this so it was such a cool experience to see her. Kristie Erdhal, Angie Whitaker, and Kylie Waterman all came too (as did my mom and Kylie's) and it was beyond cool to reminisce and catch up. One of my favorite days in 2013. 

We spent a great day at the beach with the Roth clan. We ate, played, and chatted. It's always so great to be with them. I wish we could see them more than once a year. :( They are so fun and special and I'm so blessed to have married into that amazing family!  

Family photo! 

 Russ with  Ronda & soon to be sister-in-law, Shelly. I found these selfies on my phone. Thanks guys.

We took the kids to Knotts Berry Farm. We had a great day being with the girls. Lilly got tired and went home at dinner, but Jayda stayed to go on the big rides with us. It was the first time one of our kids was big enough to ride some of those larger rides and it was so fun! The best part of the day was having our kids take our photo at the spot where we met 16 years earlier! Talk about coming full circle! 

We spent as much time with Nammy as possible. My girls just adore her. She wasn't feeling as well this trip. She tired easy and her face was looking puffy due to the meds, but she is still so beautiful. She always has her bright lipstick on and her matching outfits! Oh I just love her and I am so happy she's my Nammy.  

I may or may not have done a horrific job of applying sun screen while at the beach which means Macey may or may not have ended up looking like some sort of alien from Star Trek. Sorry baby! 

The girls got to snuggle with Uncle D (when he wasn't too busy planning his wedding)

Grammy snuggled with Macey (and that damn dog was there, too)

We also got to meet my cousin Blake's little girl, Addison, for the first time. Nammy had all 4 of her great-grandbabies over for a photo shoot! What a cool experience to have all 4 of them together. 

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