Tuesday, June 24, 2014


December was cold. It was unbelievably, ice covering everything, painfully cold. 

So we stayed inside and watched The Sound of Music about 100 times. The girls can now quote the entire movie, sing all the songs, and even do some of the dance moves. Macey is especially good and hiding behind the girls and peeking out yelling "cookoo" ala Greta Vontrapp singing at the parents party before she goes to bed.It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. 

I took this little gem from my rear view mirror. Apparently Lilly doesn't like it when I belt out Paul Simons, "Me and Julio Down by the School Yard," because when I do - she plugs her ears and looks at me like I'm crazy. I love looking in my rear view and seeing that face. ha!

This is me taking a pee at Irish Dance class. Yes, I'm peeing in this picture - but seriously l wanted to remind myself what I had to do to keep this baby from licking the doors & sitting on the dirty floors. 

I tell ya - the things moms do!!

Gram and Papa sent out Maceys Christmas gift a little early so she could wear it during this cold month.
 Isn't it cute! 

Poor baby sister. I have a sneaking suspicion she will be taunted by these older 2 her entire life. However, she will also be very entertained, very protected, and very loved. 

We were all feeling a bit cooped up so we went to the movies and ate our weight in popcorn. 

Lilly had some money from Grandpa Roth for Christmas so she asked if she could buy something to spend time with daddy. She decided on a pottery wheel and the two of them made quite the cute lil creation! 

The kids participated in the cutest Nativity at church. Lilly was a sheep and Jayda was an angel. 

When I was growing up my dad would drive the family to skid row in LA. He would usually do it around Thanksgiving or Christmas as a way to remind us to be grateful for what we have: our home, our clothes, our gifts, our food, our families, our health. It would really put things into perspective; especially during the "gimmie gimmie" holidays. I wanted to keep that tradition alive with my kids. I wanted to open their eyes to hardships. Not just so they can see how great they have it, but so they can find ways to helps those in need and learn that anyone- from any walk of life- can fall upon hard times and it's up to us (the community, the women, the Christians) to help lift them up. I wanted to teach them, before they write letters to Santa and prepare to open gifts for hours on end, that the true meaning of the season is Christ and His birth and His teachings. I think the reminder was good for me, too. 

So one day daddy kept the baby (thanks daddy) and the girls and I went to DC to feed the homeless. We helped set up, dish up, clean up, and try to cheer up some of the people who were in need. It was such a great experience and really opened up Jayda and Lilly's eyes. Lilly had never seen bars on windows and didn't understand what they were for. Jayda met 2 kids that were her own age that were living in a car. She saw the little boy trying to do his homework in the front seat. She saw children and moms take the food so gratefully and sit on the ground and eat it and then ask for seconds to store in their carts for later. It was a nice opportunity to give back. I hope to do this ever year and I hope to make more time to do things like this year-round. 

Lilly's preschool Christmas program was super special, probably because our cute lil Lilly got to play Mary! She did a wonderful job. She sang all the songs, said her line with no help, and grinned from ear-to-ear! 
We were very proud! 

I turned 34 this year. Yuck. 
Luckily for me, I married very well and my amazing hubby got up early to make me a yummy breakfast, let me rest and relax all day, and then finished the night at the Cheesecake Factory. It was a great day! 

Macey trying to steal my dessert. Little thief. 

This is just because I think it's cute how she holds her seat while watching tv in the car. 

this is less cute, but that natural Mohawk is pretty epic. 

Christmas Sunday 2013

My little pumpkins left thank you notes for Santa with the cookies and milk. 

Every year I try to make a gift for the girls by hand. 
This year I made the older 2 girls custom beds for their American Girl Dolls. 

This is the exact same doll we had growing up. I bought it on ebay so we could have the same tradition with my family. It sits right in the middle of the present unwrapping festivities as a reminder of the real reason we celebrate. 

Jayda's face is great. But Lilly's and Russ in the background is even better! 

Lilly got what she asked for so she's super excited! 
And what did her little heart desire that is making her so happy??? Her own broom. 

This was the favorite gift of the morning - explorer kits (walkie talkie, light up hard hats, notebooks, and containers for collecting things)

It was a wonderful Christmas! 

On New Years Eve we went with our friends, The Gillespies, to the ICE show at The Gaylord Hotel. It was sooooo cold, but super fun. Afterwards we went and had Krispy Kreme. It was a wonderful way to end another great year! 

Bring on 2014. We got this! 

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