Sunday, March 10, 2013


General Conference was in early October and Russ was out of town for work. So we just got all cozy in the living room and enjoyed the weekend with just us girls. 

Jayda and Lilly made crowns to remind them they are Princesses: Daughters of a Heavenly King. They colored their conference packets, and played a game. Each time they heard the speaker say a specific word they would get a piece of candy from that bowl. Man oh man did those girls pay attention! 

We kept the Cox Farms tradition alive and went to the pumpkin patch for our annual visit. We love spending time as a family on the slides, at the petting zoo, and running around enjoying the last few hours of decent weather before November comes. 

Jayda had "Crazy Hair Day" at school. She decided to go with a Birds Nest theme.
 I think it turned out pretty cute! 

Macey started interacting more with her sisters. They couldn't get enough of her little grin! 

Just thought I'd capture a typical evening at our house as I prepare dinner. 

We went to the Air Museum for the annual Air and Scare event. We were worried it would snow on Halloween and be too cold for the girls to go trick or treating so we made sure to get them to the museum for crafts, games, and candy! They had a great time. 

Jayda went as "Fancy Nancy" and Lilly went as "a Fairy wearing Butterfly Wings" which is not to be confused with a Butterfly Fairy because according to Lilly there is a clear difference between the two and she is most definitely a Fairy wearing Butterfly Wings! I am soooo bummed that I didn't get any pictures good enough to show that her costume had battery operated lights in it. It took me forever to make it, but it sure looked cute at night in the dark while she was trick or treating! 

Pumpkin Carving! 

This picture cracks me up! Poor Russ needs some testosterone in this house! 
He tried so hard to be patient, but he is surrounded by a bunch of girls who hate getting their hands dirty and refused to dig the pumpkin guts out!

Lilly's Preschool Parade! 

Halloween outfit handmade by Grandma Axtell! 
They are so lucky that she keeps them so stylish for the holidays! 

Russ and I co-hosted a Halloween Party with Joe and Heather. It was a fun night with friends. We ate some good food and played some fun games. 
Russ went at Mitt Romney wielding a big knife and I went as a bloodied Big Bird . 

We ended up having perfect weather on Halloween. We went to our bestest buddies, The Gillespie's, who moved about 30 minutes away from us and broke our hearts. :( We've gone trick or treating with them every year for 5 years now and we can't imagine our kiddos not being together on this magical night. 

Macey went as a ladybug. :) 

 Here's Lilly with her future husband. 

Creepy baby. 

Jayda and her BFF, Abbey. 

They had a pretty big haul this year! It could be because once they filled up their huge buckets, Joe and Russ ran back to the house and got big pillow cases to fill up for round 2 of trick-or-treating! 

 Daddy snuggling his baby after a loooong night getting candy! 

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Erin said...

love the pics! great idea for crazy hair day. i'm going to try the candy/word game for conference this year. great idea!