Tuesday, March 5, 2013


During the first few days of September, Jayda stressed about what to wear to meet her new teacher, what to wear on the first day of school, and what to wear while deciding what to wear. 

Here she is showing me one of her top choices...
 This is what she decided to wear on "meet the teacher day." She gave her teacher the cutest little cup filled with cookies that had a tag that read "with you as my teacher I'll be one smart cookie." She's looks so old to me in this picture! 

While Jayda was busy deciding what to wear, Lilly and I made cookies... 
...but they were oatmeal and not chocolate chip so clearly she's ticked off. 
Macey just hangs out and smiles at us, or sleeps on me, or eats.  What a life! 

 We spend a lot of time together in this chair in my room. 
We snuggle, she eats, and I watch tv. It's pretty great.

We were so, so lucky to have my grandma (Nammy) come visit. This was the first trip she was able to make to see us in Virginia and she came at such a great time. The weather was beautiful, the girls had just started school, and she was able to meet her newest great-grandbaby! Nammy will be 87 in April of 2013 and I promise you she doesn't act a day over 12. I mean that! She was out on the swings with my girls pumping away while holding one on her lap! 

She got to hold the baby a whole bunch, we went apple picking at a beautiful orchard, and she even helped my mom babysit while Russ and I went to see Cirque De Solei for our 9th wedding anniversary. We loved having her here and wish we lived near her. Some of my very best memories of my childhood involve my Nammy. Playing dress up in her closet, riding in the kids seat on her bicycle while she'd ride around her neighborhood, feeding ducks at the park by her house, and putting on her super bright red lipstick every chance I'd get! I'm sad that my girls don't get to do those things with her, but am so grateful that we have been able to travel back home so often to see her, that she was able to come stay in our home, and that modern technology allows us to skype with her! 


Here we are before we leave to see the show for our wedding anniversary.
 I guess I was channeling my inner Wynonna Judd for my "look."
For Fathers Day we bought Russ tickets to see the Dodgers play the Nationals when they came to town. The seats were pretty good and we all had a nice time, but I do think Russ should go with some of his buddies next time instead of with us three ladies. He was a good sport about it, but I have a sneaking suspicion he may enjoy the game a bit more with out the billion questions, sticky fingers in his face, and whines about feet hurting from all the walking. 

 The day after the Dodgers game the girls had a hard time waking up for school! :) 

These are just here because I think they're cute! 

 Russ turned 34! We had a nice day filled with cake and kisses. 

I love the look on Russ' face as he makes his wish. 
And look at Jayda's fingers all crossed around each other  
as she hopes with all her might that his wish comes true! So cute! 

Lilly Mae started ballet and took a class with two of her little friends. They were all so cute!

September was also a great time to celebrate my sweet friend Kerri and her very first little bun-in-the-oven! I hosted an outdoor luncheon and was beyond relieved when we had nice weather! The theme was "Children's Books" and I had so much fun putting together the decor, gifts, and games. Some of her dear friends provided the food and it was delish! All in all it was a wonderful day and we were able to celebrate the upcoming arrival of sweet Daxton. 

Here's Kerri in all her glowing pregnancy glory!

 My sweet neighbor, Vicki, decorated this awesome cake for us. 
Hard to believe she can do this at the age of 16! 

September was great because it was filled with smiles like these...

...snuggles from my sweet Lil's (geesh that kid is awesome!)...

..and moments where I watch my first born multi-task the heck out of her morning (here she is eating breakfast, telling me about her day, reading a magazine, AND rocking the baby with her foot to keep her quiet). I love that girl! 

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