Saturday, April 6, 2013


In November, Macey had her first taste of solid foods.

Big Sis Lilly helped. Macey wasn't too sure about that arrangement. 

Lilly continued her ballet dancing and she began a love affair with these red boots. Her love for these boots continued for months, and months, and months and contrary to what you may think, she found a way to make them look smashing with every outfit she owned! She cracks me up! 

This is to remind me how when my girls headbands would slip over their eyes 
I would leave them on and use it as a night-night eye mask! 

We had family "clean up the crappy leaves day." and yes, that is it's official name. 

We took advantage of the last few days of decent weather with some bike riding, 
soccer playing, no-training wheels lesson, and vitamin-d sessions for the baby.

Dear Russ - when you read this 50 years from now I want you to know that keeping my mouth shut while you wear these red socks out in public is an absolute testament to how much I love you. Seriously  They're awful...and yet you still look cute. 

Jayda earned a Citizenship Award at her school. We're so proud of this little muffin! 

It was Lilly's turn for "Mommy-Daughter-Date" and she said she wanted to
 cuddle on the couch and play with my camera while making funny faces. She's an easy one to please! 

Macey started to self sooth and suck her thumb. 
This lasted for about 3 minutes. Thank heavens. 

 After a very long overseas trip where Russ was meeting with crown princes, having private lunches with Bill Gates, driving in armored car caravans, and jet hopping from one country to another...the first thing he did when he got home was kiss his baby and throw her in the air. and she loved it! 

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