Sunday, March 3, 2013


August was great. We spent most of our days at the pool enjoying the sun. The girls took swim lessons and did awesome. Over the summer Jayda learned to swim, jump of the diving board, tie her shoes, and perfected her reading. It was pretty impressive to see her develop so quickly. I enjoyed having her home during the last few months of the school year since we were homeschooling April - June and I was just trying to soak up every minute before she returned to school in September.

Lilly is such a wild, fun little girl. It was so cute to watch her practice blowing bubbles in the water during her swim class and I loved seeing what she would decide to wear as we were walking out the door to go to the pool. Rainboots seemed to be her favorite selection this summer. She has no fear which is great since she is so willing to learn during her swim class, but it's also a nightmare now that I have 3 kids. I can't keep my eye on her as closely as I could when it was just her and Jade. We forced her to wear her vest at the pool  since my fearless little pumpkin would jump off the diving board right into the deep end if we'd let her. Hopefully next summer she'll be a swimming champion and we won't have to worry about that little dare-devilish personality of hers.

This was what I did most days. I sat in the shade with this little peanut on me fast asleep while the girls played in the water. Although it had its moments, it was a pretty great way to spend my days. 

We played with Macey and the girls dolls. 

I slept wherever and whenever I could. 

Look at these little teeny tiny feet poking through the car seat canopy. So cute! 

We had a great family outing to a local petting zoo. Within 5 minutes of arriving I had slid in slippery sloppy animal poop, stepped in an ant hill and was being bitten by red ants, AND I was completely spit on my an angry lama. Meaning strings of snot-like spit was in my hair, on my face, and all over my clothes... and that was only 10 feet into the park. Once we got to the actual petting zoo area both Lilly and Jayda started screaming bloody murder when the animals would walk up to get their food. We made for quite the show! I looked and smelled like a crazy homeless woman, the girls were screaming like bashees, and Russ just looked so defeated. Needless to say, we grabbed a quick pony ride and got the heck outta dodge.  Instead of spending the day at the petting zoo, we opted for lunch at Red Robin and had a funny face contest. 

 Macey could always be found wrapped up like a baby burrito in her swing. 
 Like I said, we were all tired and not getting much sleep, but most of us learned to fall asleep whenever and wherever we could and when we'd wake up...we'd look like this:

More time at the pool with Jayda jumping off the diving board. The jump may have only taken 3 seconds from start to finish, but it probably took 10 minutes for her to get pumped up and brave enough to actually jump off. :) 

 Lilly's favorite thing to do at the pool was eat! Her favorite snack was pirate booty and ice water. 

Uncle Austin came in August to meet Macey Jayne and visit with the girls! We got to take him to the pool for swimming, pizza, and fun dives. 

 and we got to take him for ice cream! He brought his girlfriend Elaine with him so we got to make a new friend and have someone else to help entertain the kiddos while Russ and I continued to adjust to having three little girls! It was great! 

We would often return home from the pool and climb in bed and watch movies while resting. 

We decided against a family vacation this year. It was a crazy, busy, and expensive year having a baby so instead of going on a vacation we had a Staycation at home. One day we went bowling, the next day we went to the movies, and the third day we took the girls to Six Flags. Macey slept all day in her car seat with the battery operated fan keeping her cool. 

 Their favorite ride was the log ride that just dumps water all over them. Lilly was much braver than Jayda. She was ready and willing to go on any ride that she was tall enough to sneak her way onto. In fact, Lilly would ride with mom or dad right away while Jayda would stand off to the side of the ride and see how Lilly reacted before she was brave enough to try it herself! The 3 year old was the brave one and the 6 year old was a big chicken. Lilly is so tall for her age (98%) so she was lucky enough to ride the rides that most 3 year old's couldn't. 

Here she is after her first trip down the log ride. Russ says she actually had to catch her breath after she was doused there was so much water! 

After our three busy days out and about during our staycation...we were pooped! Macey got some good beauty sleep...
 and some not so great sleep thanks to her big sisters who just couldn't leave her alone. Here I found them standing over her crib waiting for her to wake up! 

 Both girls wanted to cuddle with their new baby sister as much as possible. 

We finished out staycation up with a trip to the Air and Space Museum to see the Discovery Space Shuttle...

...we spent an afternoon jumping off of furniture pretending to be superheros....

...and we spent our final day of our staycation enjoying the pool...It was truly a wonderful week. 

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