Thursday, March 7, 2013


Jayda started first grade in September and LOVES it. 
Her teacher is Ms. Won and she has been heaven sent. 
Since Jayda did not enjoy her kindergarten experience we were a bit worried how first grade would pan out, but we have been so impressed with her teacher. She has made such a difference in Jayda's life by being patient, kind, and thorough in her teaching.

Here is our first born on her way out the door to her first day of 1st Grade! 

Our little family parade as we walk her to school. 

Isn't this cute! The girls holding hands up until the very last second. 
Lilly was so sad to see her playmate leave for the day. 

I love that I was able to capture this sweet embrace. Look at his big hands on her face. 
How her big 'ol baby cheeks still squeeze between his fingers. It just melts my heart.

One last snuggle before we have to leave. Sniff. Sniff. 

Ms. Won. Who, I am told, is legally old enough to teach. Although you coulda fooled me. 

At her new desk. 

Little Lilly Mae started preschool! Now that she's a big 3 year old she gets to go to Living Savior Preschool. It's the same school Jayda went to for 3 years and we are so happy that Lilly get to have some of the same positive experiences  She was beyond excited to go and couldn't wait to be the center of attention the morning of her first day (which was one week after Jayda's first day...which was great because they each had their own day to feel special and shine!). 

Here's Lils on the way out the front door. I couldn't find her for a few minutes before we left... apparently she was applying some silver lipstick to look extra special on her big day! 

She's such a big girl! She just went right into her class, sat down at the table, and waved goodbye. I had to go in and request my kiss! That little bugger is so darn independent...and cute!!

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