Saturday, January 3, 2009

Easy Week - Nope; Easy Bake - Not as easy as you'd think!

So, this has been a hard week for our little Jayda Blue. She got a fever late Sunday evening and it was still there Tuesday afternoon. She didn't have any other symptoms, but I thought I should take her in anyway since she is prone to UTI's. Well, they said she had an ear ache and put her on some meds. Then, that night at about 10:30pm her fever spiked to 103 and we couldn't get it down. We ended up in the ER, but by the time the doctor saw her our efforts had paid off so the fever was at 100.3 What is it about walking through the doctors or ER room doors that take the symptoms away? Why can't the symptoms go away when we walk through doors in our house? That really would make things much simpler.

Anywhoo-they said to just watch her and see how she does. So, she does okay Wed. and Thurs., but still has a low grade fever and says she doesn't feel well. I call the doctors Friday morning and take her back in for a follow up. When we arrived her temp was 100.1. 45 minutes later it had jumped to 104.2. We had blood drawn, flu tests, and chest x-rays and she was diagnosed with two ear infections and pneumonia. They gave her a shot in each leg and sent us on our way. We went back this morning for another follow up only to have the poor little critter get two more shots of antibiotics. We will touch basis with the doctor again tomorrow and if she hasn't improved then we're off to the hospital for meds via IV. Ugh...this poor little girl. To top it off she cries all day and says her back hurts. They still don't know why she has this complaint, but we see the Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist this Friday so if ya-all could keep your fingers cross we find an answer it would be greatly appreciated.

After the long, hard week Jayda had, I thought I'd spend some time with her and let her use her new Easy Bake Oven she got for Christmas. We laid out all the parts and got all ready to bake. She was soooo excited as she doesn't normally cook with me because-well lets face it- I don't cook. I swear I can't even boil water. Well, we get started and everything seems to be going smoothly, until I realize I left the spatula inside of the Easy Bake Oven consequently melting the entire thing inside of the oven and ruining the darn toy on our first use. Luckily, the cake was done before I ruined the thing so she was able to frost it and take a big bite...before looking at me and saying "this is really really icky" and throwing the rest of it in the trash. To recap what I just wrote: I can't even cook using an Easy Bake Oven! Luckily Russ loves making cold cereal, cold sandwiches, and reservations!

Jayda is soo excited that she made this cake!!

Here she shows you the huge "kid proof" appliance I melted!

Here she actually tastes the cake & realizes it tastes like poop! I asked her if it was good and the above face is what I got in response! So...back to Hostess cupcakes and goodies made by friends!


Angie said...

I love your crack me up...:)

Cardon Family said...

poor little Jayda! What a rough week! It is the worst when they are sick! And I totally agree with you....the second you take them in they feel better, why does that always happen? And that is hilarious that you melted the massive spatula! At least Jayda didn't like the taste of her cake! And by the way....I am having major Unique withdrawals!!!

Mandy said...

Poor Jayda! We'll keep her in our prayers, hope she gets to feeling better soon. Your "easy" bake story made me laugh, I think those things are more complicated then real ovens :)

J&A said...

You Guys!! We are just all going through our lives surviving in our own little worlds of ups and downs. You know how much we love Jayda. Please give her a big smooch from all of us. I know she will be ok. And I'm right there with you on the fever thing. Remeber Paige and her endless fevers! Oh, please hang in there. We miss you and just know there are some nuts out in California that love you!
Take care

Stephanie said...

sick kids are the worst! ugh, I feel your pain! and it is always super bad when your pregnant too- I know too many people who's kids are super sick, break their legs, and a lot of other trauma that all happens when they are pregnant. why is that?

and that easy bake oven story is great! I love it!