Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Christmas Blessings!

Christmas was so much fun this year. Jayda was really into Santa for the first time and we loved seeing the magic in her eyes when she saw her cookies had been eaten and a stocking was left for her. She asked Santa for princess dolls and 5 books and that (plus some new dress up clothes) is exactly what she got. She thought that was simply the greatest thing ever!

We enjoyed being in VA this year and spending it as our own little family, but lets face it...we'd rather be with our extended families in CA!

The day after Christmas was a day filled with answered prayers. Jayda had to take some tests at The Children's Hospital in D.C. They needed to check for any kidney damage due to numerous UTI's. They told us they were going to inject her with some radioactive dye and then sedate her for the test. I was a nervous wreck! Changing my baby's vital signs to make her sleep is not high on my list of things I want her to do. Well, Russ and a friend gave Jayda a beautiful blessing the night before and wouldn't ya know it-our prayers were answered! Jayda was soooo good that day that they decided to just let us hold her down really still during the tests and they did NOT sedate her! She just laid down and watched a little movie (we brought our portable DVD player) and then about half way through the 45 minute test-she went to sleep! They doctors and nurses couldn't believe how calm and well-behaved she was. For those of you that really know Jayda you will be able to confirm that this is not Jayda's normal temperament and that the hand of the Lord clearly blessed us that day. The tests came back normal (so far so good) and show no damage to her Kidneys. We have to have some more tests done with an Orthopedic specialist soon to find out why she cries and says her back hurts all the time...but at least we know it's not kidney damage. What a blessing we received this Holiday season! Also, for any of you parents in the DC area that need doctors or health care providers for your little ones----the Childrens Hospital is sooooo worth the drive!


Bo & Pam Montgomery said...

That's great news!!! Congratulations jayda!
She's better at taking test than I am! The've threaten to put a muzzle on me!

Angie said...

I'm so happy for you that you didn't have to sedate her! I know it is a scary thing. Good news on the kidneys.

Stephie said...

What wonderful news! Hope everything else goes well!

Jillyboo said...

Hi Cori!
Its been fun to catch up with you via blog world. And another baby girl, how wonderful. 2 kids are a lot of fun, seriously.
Was the test they did on Jada a VCUG? Both mu girls had to do that. Ella actually had to have surgery the month after she turned 2 as she was refluxing into her kidneys. Im glad to hear all went well.
See you in May!!!