Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jayda's Doctors Visit

As noted in my previous entry, we took Jayda to the Orthopedic doctor for some more tests to see what is bothering her back. They took more x-rays and again found nothing. They ordered an MRI, but we can't get into the doctors until late February and she does have to be sedated for that one. She's pretty sick and tired of the doctors offices and tests...but she maintains her cute mood and silly disposition even when we're waiting in the boring room (it helps that her Daddy was there to let her dance on his feet)!

I did take her to a pediatric chiropractor/massage therapist/acupressure/holistic guy and I have seen a positive difference. She doesn't complain quite as much and she does use the bathroom much more regularly now (sorry if that's too much info), to see a difference in her little life just by using pressure points and improving her diet is quite impressive. We're going to continue to try to find out why her back is hurting her, but the more tests we do and doctors we see we are getting the impression it may be muscular or ligament issues. We are praying this is the case since its the least scary of possible problems. Anyway, Jayda is feeling pretty good these days and we want to thank you all for your prayers and well-wishes!

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Stephie said...

She sure looks cute in that little gown! I hope and pray everything works out well with her back. You've all been through the ringer with all these doctor's appointments. Hopefully you'll get some answers soon!