Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sneaky little Leprechauns

I love St. Patrick's Day. I love that the wee little leprechauns come and visit our house to play tricks on the kids in the middle of the night.

This year they were especially sneaky.

First, Jayda woke up to green toilet water.

Then, when she walked downstairs she saw that the leprechauns had hung her barbie and her pink pig upside down from the chandelier!

We decided to make pancakes for breakfast, but when we poured out the bisquick...dog food spilled out instead! Well, we were lucky and we found the bisquick in another bag in the pantry so we pulled it out to start making our pancakes. But when we went to pour the milk in...it was green!

After feasting on green pancakes and green milk for breakfast, Jayda went up to her room to put her clothes on for school. She always picks out her clothes the night before. But when she went upstairs they weren't laid out on her chair like usual. She was a bit confused...until she saw her American Girl Doll, Elizabeth, sitting on top of her chair wearing Jayda's school clothes. Those sneaky little leprechauns took her doll out of her bed and dressed her in Jaydas clothes!

Luckily, the wee little leprechauns are super nice so they leave little gold candies at each spot they do a trick.

I think being sneaky is fun. Those leprechauns are pretty lucky they get to do tricks on the kids!

Hope you all had a fun, trick filled, St. Patrick's Day!

Dog food instead of pancake mix!

Here Jayda is cracking up because she found her American Girl doll wearing her school clothes.
This is one of my favorite pictures. . She was laughing so hard that she started crying!
My house is not this messy everywhere I promise! But I love this picture. Can you see the little splash of green flying out of the bowl on the left?

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Stephie said...

So fun! Jayda's expressions are priceless!