Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yes, I know you can see the snot in her nose in this picture. But I don't have editing software and this is truly what she looks like every day so I think it's pretty appropriate!

Lilly Mae is 2!

My 5lbs 1oz, 7.5 week premature baby is now 2 years old! She weighs 30lbs, fits in size 2 or 3 clothes, and wears a size 7 shoe (Jayda is only in a 9!). She's healthy and growing like a weed!

She is also fully enjoying her TERRIBLE TWO's! She's feisty, pissy, temperamental, energetic, mischievous, and funny. Our little "Angry Elf" likes to yell at her sister, push her around, pull her hair, and throw her toys. But she also likes to snuggle, give kisses, and grunt when she gives super big hugs. She's absolutely perfect.

She's still in speech therapy every other week and is doing well. She calls Jayda "sissy." She can say Jayda, but she prefers to call her Sissy (sounds likes She-She) which is the cutest thing ever. She says daddy, mommy, riley, grammy, papa, baby, bath, and a bunch of other words...but she still prefers to scream and point. Either way...she's communicating!

We had a yummy dinner and I made a ladybug cake for her birthday. It was a sweet evening and we enjoyed the family time just being together and celebrating our sweet Lils.

Happy Birthday Miss Mae!


Ashley Somawang said...

Soo stink'n cute! Both of your girls look awesome, and what a fun little birthday party:)

Thompson said...

I just had so much fun looking at your blog!! You are such a good Mom and put me to shame. Those girls are lucky to have you. I can't believe Lilly is two! What beauties they are. Miss you guys like crazy!
P.S We got a maltipoo! 12 weeks old and named her Belle! Wow, puppies are a lot of work! :)

Stephie said...

Oh she is growing up so fast! I love her big blue eyes like Jayda. They are lovely. And that cake!!! I didn't know you decorate cakes--I'm thoroughly impressed!

Cardon Family said...

I really can't believe that she is already two! Holy cow! So sweet! And by the way we would LOVE to see you guys when you are here in AZ!! The boys will be so excited too! It will be so great to catch up!