Friday, September 17, 2010

Papa and Grammy

My parents came to visit last month. It was fabulous. We took some little day trips, visited Nielsens' Frozen Custard a few times, and just enjoyed each others company.

My mom and I have been working on designing some childrens decor. We're starting on our own line of Vintage inspired art specifiically for children. It's gonna be pretty fantastic if I do say so myself! I will post about that at another time.

Since we kept my mom locked away in our basement creating the cool art pieces, my dad took over babysitting duty and watched the girls a lot (because I still had to work). Both of the girls are OBSESSED with their Papa and sure love him to pieces.

Jayda had "slumber parties" with Grammy in her bedroom. Jayda also got to go on several "Papa-Jayda Dates." He took her to get donuts several times, went to the movies to see Marmaduke, and he even took her to the pool for a swimming lesson! I have so many wonderful memories of my dad and I spending time together. When I was little we had Disneyland passes and just the two of us would go together. Those days are some of my favorite childhood memories. I love-love-love seeing him with my girls and watching them bond and create memories of their own. I know my kids will treasure their Papa and these times for the rest of their lives.

I don't have any current pictures to share (becuase I'm horrible at remembering to take photos), but here's an old one of Papa and Jayda. You can see their love affair started early!

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