Friday, September 17, 2010

Innocence, Purity, & Virture

This post is written with a mixture of emotions. On one hand we are embarrassed to even announce what we have done. On the other hand, we are finally, after 18 months, at complete peace with our decision. So, here it goes:


yeah, yeah. I know what you're thinking? Haven't you already named, twice? Once when she was born and then again 6 months later when you changed it? Yes, you are correct. She was born as Sierra Bella. It wasn't right. We decided to change her name ever so slightly to Sierra Isabella-Mae. It still wasn't right. Sierra Isabella is one of the most beautiful names I've ever heard, but no matter how hard we just wasn't her. It wasn't right. We truly wanted it to be and tried hard to make it so, but it was just wrong no matter how many times we said it.

Can you imagine calling out to your child and feeling like it was wrong every single time you said her name? Feeling like the words stumbled on your tongue and never quite settled in your soul? Well, that's what we felt like for a year and a half. I called her Bella, Russ called her Izzy, and Jayda called her sissy because, let's face it, what the hell else was she supposed to call her?

It's been crappy. It's been frustrating. It's been embarrassing. I've cried some tears, said some prayers, and cursed at myself in the mirror. What lame parents we are. I'm sure many people think we are complete and total dramatic morons. I may have to agree with them on this specific point.

Well, finally-finally-finally-finally...we have named the sweet little spirit who joined our family 18 months ago and made our lives too sweet for words. Such an amazing little spirit sent from heaven deserves the perfect name. We truly believe that we've found it. We are at peace, we are happy, we are content. Our souls are settled and our minds have stopped spinning. And I will also say that once we started calling out this name...she responded immediately to it with no hesitation or pause as if to say "it's about freakin' time you idiots!"

We are excited to reintroduce you to:

Lilly Mae Roth

Lilly means Innocence, Purity, and Virtue. Mae is after my grandma that passed away the day we found out we were expecting our sweet baby. It's perfect. It's fitting. IT'S FINAL!


Elizabeth Moon said...

I love it! And I don't think you are idiots! I know other people who have had trouble with names. Names are so hard to get just right!

Erin said...

Love it!

Cardon Family said...

I love it! It is so cute and I am sure you are totally relieved! I miss those little girlies!!!

Darbee said...

I love that sweet little Lilly Mae. She is beautiful no matter what you call her! ;) xo

Thompson said...

Oh Cori, you are to hard on yourself!! I am just so happy that you guys are at peace with your decision. She will never even know all the heartache you went through. She will always be Lilly Mae. Mae was also my Grandmas name so I love it even more. Your girls are so precious. We miss you so much. Congrats on the name!! :):)

5Kmama said...

I was referred to your blog because I am having the same issue. My husband doesn't feel as strongly that our 3-month-old is misnamed, but he doesn't call her by her name either. He is afraid of what people will think if we change her name, but at this point I really don't care. If you have advice on getting him to understand how important this is to me, please let me know.