Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thank Heaven for Little Girls!!!

Above you can see Five Little Toes on a Perfect Little Foot

Here you can see the feet over the head...looks comfy!

The Top Arrow is pointed at the nose.

The bottom arrow is pointed at the top lip.

Cutest little profile ever (since jayda)!

The bubble thing by the chin is the umbilical cord.

Oh My Word...2 little princesses running around the house! We found out today we are having another little girl. My first thought was-Oh my goodness, Jayda is going to have a sister (I never had one so I was really excited). My second thought was---Holy Crap, does this mean I may I have to go through pregnancy thing again?? Russ went to the appointment with me and the first thing out of his mouth upon hearing another little girl was on the way was, "oh man, I need to get a boy dog or something!" All joking aside--we are sooooo excited!

Jayda has been very specific in her demands for a baby sister. She flat out said she didn't want a baby boy and that if we had a baby boy she'd name it Laman (that's a bad guy from the Book of Mormon for those of you that don't recognize the name). Honestly, what 2 year old says something like that? She'll be thrilled to have a little sister!

On an even happier note, the doctor said everything looks perfect and that the baby is as healthy as can be. This was the best news I've had in 20 weeks! We got to hear the heart beat and see our little girl move around. We also got to see her suck her thumb while on camera AND we saw her have a little case of hiccups!

I have been having contractions since this past weekend. I had early labor with Jayda (at 25 weeks) so I'm considered high risk. They sent me to the high risk center today for this check up and said everything looks great. I can't lift anything, including my little Jayda Grace :( and I'm on a daily medicine from here on out that does tend to make me sick, but it's all worth it! I can't exercise or really do much, but at least I'm not on total bed rest (yet)! My doctor does not want me to try to deliver naturally and says she really wants me to have another c-section. I asked another doctor today for a second opinion and they said the same thing--so, it looks like another C-section will be scheduled for mid to late April. Do you think I could find a doctor that would throw a tummy tuck in that procedure at the same's to dreaming!

Thank Heaven For Little Girls!


Heather said...

Oh Cori she has Jayda's cute little button nose!!! So stinkin' cute!!!!!! I am so excited for you guys. Congrats! If mine's a boy wanna switch? ;)

Cardon Family said...

That is so exciting! I am glad that Jayda won't have to call the baby Laman...haha...I was laughing so hard when I read that! I can't believe that you are already having contractions! Two little girls! It will be so fun to have the same sex....they will be the best of friends...and tell Russ he can get a boy dog and then you won't have to do the pregnancy thing again!:)

J&A said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaa!! I am so happy!! It's amazing how much you love them even when you just get to see those little glimpses during your ultra sound and feel those tiny kicks in your tummy. Mommy of two beautiful litle girls! Your doing awesome Cori! Just keep hanging in there. My girls are going to be so excited when I tell them Jayda is going to have a sister. It was so fun to see you when you were in Cali! Miss you tons

Kerri said...

How very fun to have two little girlies! We sure think it is fun here at our house! We are super excited for you! Congrats and hope everything goes smoothly!

Julie and Rugrats said...

Those sonogram pictures are really cute. Congratulations! Jada must be really excited. Ross will have his hands full with all these girls in the house, but I agree with the idea of getting him a boy dog. By the way you looked very pretty today :)

Stephie said...

I love your stories about Jayda. She is hilarious! Number 2 will have a lot to look up to! Congrats on another girl! :)