Saturday, April 21, 2012

Family Wedding

We were so blessed to be able to travel to Arizona in September for Rob's (Russ' lil brother) wedding. He married his beautiful wife, Ashley, and gave me a new sister-in-law! Hooray! We also hit the jackpot and we got a new nephew and our girls got a new cousin! Tommy is the sweetest and cutest little bugger ever and we are so, so excited to welcome him to the family!

And what's also super exciting, is that sweet Rob & Ash made a honeymoon baby and are bringing another precious little boy into the family! Dexter is due three weeks before our third little girl! We're so stinkin' happy that our two kiddos will be cousins so close in age!!

It's always so great to spend time with our family. We had so much fun playing at the pool with everyone and visiting at the rehearsal dinner and reception. It was a beautiful wedding. Unfortunately, after traveling cross country I didn't even get to see the ceremony!!! Lilly Mae decided to have the meltdown of all meltdowns right before the ceremony started so I had to stand outside with my screaming 2 year old while Russ was a groomsman and Jayda was a flower girl...I missed it all! I did try to peek through the window and see some of it. In fact, if you look really close in some of their professional pictures you can see the outline of a creepy lady with her hands up around her eyes with her face pressed against the glass trying to sneak a peek...oops!

Here (in no particular order) is a photo dump:

How cute are these flower girl dresses!! 
Grandma Rosemary made them and they were even more beautiful in person! 
Here is Jayda with 2 of her 13 cousins (Kate & Erin).

 Me with some of my beautiful nieces...Lexi, Tori, & Lauren

 The flower girls with their grandma. 

We all spent a good deal of time dealing with a very tired, and very pissy, Lilly Mae. 
Here is Russ trying to talk some sense into her outside on the patio. 

Me with the worlds greatest mother-in-law!

Russ & his mama. 

Lilly Mae getting her groove on. I think she learned her awesome moves
 from her grandma and grandpa Axtell (see above awesome pic)!

Russ with his handsome dad. 

 Jayda fell asleep on Uncle Rick's shoulder. 
She stayed there into the wee hours. 

Daddy holding a sleeping Lilly. Uncle Rick (Russ' oldest brother) holding a sleeping Jayda. 

This is Russ with his dad & 3 brothers. 

Yes, the family is so large it required a fish lens to get us all in! 

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Robert Roth & Tommy Roth

Rehearsal Dinner
I love this picture for two reasons. First, this is my awesome, hilarious niece Kate who I just adore. Second, when the picture was being taken...I thought I was holding onto Jayda! It was only when I saw this photo later that I realized poor Kate just smiled for the camera when I grabbed her walking by and took a snapshot with me! Jayda & Kate do look similar (especially after a long day of cross country flying with a pissy 2 year old)! 

I'm sure this will be used in Jayda's future wedding video montage! 

We had a wonderful time with the entire family and are so grateful we were able to fly to Arizona to celebrate with everyone! We made some great memories!

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