Wednesday, December 28, 2011

August Happenings

On August 25th Jayda lost her first tooth! She cried and screamed and then laughed and cried all at the same time. She didn't know what to do with herself! She wrote a note to the tooth fairy and drew her a picture. Then she put the tooth and note under her pillow. 5 minutes later she came running out of her room and stated that she was too scared to let a fairy in her room and sneak under her pillow while she was asleep. So, we put the tooth under a pillow on the floor in the living room instead. 4 teeth later, that's still where the tooth fairy finds the living room!

The tooth fairy left a nice note (in super fancy swirly handwriting) that had some cool glitter on it. We thought Jayda would be so jazzed. She was excited, but she did politely state that we had the same glitter and she was a bit disappointed that the tooth fairy couldn't "come up with something a bit more magical than regular glitter from Target."

Jayda also stared soccer for the first time which makes me a SOCCER MOM! I love it. We had so much fun watching her play and actually get aggressive (we weren't sure she even had that in her). We enjoyed seeing her in uniform and taking snacks to the game. The whole process was really fun! Jayda, however, has requested to just take Irish Dance classes again and forego soccer in the future.

Lilly had a great August as well. Although there are no major happenings to list, she enjoyed spending time with her sister during the last few weeks of summer. We also spent nearly every day at our community pool. The kids took swim lessons and had a blast. I wish I had of taken my camera!

Jayda and I also went on weekly "mommy/daughter lunch dates." I had a hard time knowing she was about to start kindergarten so I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could. We had some great conversations and I learned something new about her every time we went. Her favorite date was when we went to eat with her doll at the American Girl Doll restaurant.

We had an earthquake out here in August. I had both girls and Jayda's BFF, Abbey, at the pool. We were in the restroom when it hit. The little shack that the restrooms are in was swaying like it was gonna come down on us and the creaky noises freaked me out. Being a SoCal girl I instantly assumed it was an earthquake so I screamed for the girls to "run, run, run!" Both girls come dashing out of the toilet with their bathing suits around their ankles and started running out the door! Looking back it was quite hilarious! At the time...not so funny. It took 5 hours for Russ & I to actually get a hold of each other since he was at work in DC. All the phone lines and cell lines were down. It made me nervous knowing I couldn't reach him and that he was going to have to take the metro train home even though we were having some aftershocks. I couldn't get a hold of Heather (Abbey's mom) either. I didn't want her to worry so we quickly climbed in the car and dashed to her house to deliver Abbey. Heather was a trooper and didn't seem too stressed, but I was kinda of shaken up not being able to at least get a hold of her and confirm her little one was okay. Anyway, I know my California friends and family are reading this laughing because they are used to earthquakes...but out here in DC/VA we aren't supposed to have earthquakes! For a few freaky minutes nobody could confirm it was an earthquake so we weren't completely sure it wasn't a terrorist attack. Anyway, not my favorite day in August.

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