Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth...Florida style

I am having severe back pain. Like so severe I thought maybe I was dying. Okay, not really..but it is soooo bad. I have been laying on my back for nearly a week now trying to heal myself. So far it's not going that great. The upside of this pain and being stuck on the couch for a week? I get to update the blog with our vacation photos...from the trip we took 5 months ago!

We took the kiddos to Walt Disney World in June. It was the first time any of us had been there. I grew up having an annual pass to Disneyland and MY FAVORITE memories are usually those involving my trips to D-land with my dad. I was so excited to take the girls and see them experience the same magic that I did when I was young. I must was just as fun going as a mom and watching my kids eyes light up!

From start to finish it was totally magical! We couldn't believe how everything just fell into place and we felt like we had good luck at every turn. No waits. No lines. Weather was great. It was utterly fantastic!

Our girls were the absolute perfect age. They were old enough to walk around and enjoy the rides, but also young enough to feel the sweet magic and truly believe they were talking to real princesses. It was amazing!

Here, in no particular order, is a photo dump of our trip!

Epcot Center
Magic Kingdom
Flynn Rider from Tangled kissed Jayda. She nearly cried with excitement!

Hollywood Studios

I loved looking down and seeing this face look up at me all day!

While waiting for the Beauty & The Beast show, Lilly decided to show me all the faces she knew...this one is scared.
Here we have "confused"
"the thinker"
this was the face we'd see when Jayda was sick of waiting in line or refusing to go on something "scary" (which was everything).
Epcot Center
All 3 of my loves getting sick of mommy taking pictures and having the flash go off in their faces.

Lilly not happy about having to wait in line.
Lilly excited our wait is over.
We went to the Princess Lunch one day which is where we mortgage our home to pay for a meal we eat while various princesses walk around and chat with the kids. It was the girls favorite part of the trip!

Isn't this face the most special, sweet, adorable thing you've ever seen? She was waiting so patiently to meet Rapunzle and Flynn Rider. She was mute when it was her turn to meet him. She was soooo star struck.

Here Lilly is trying to pose like Jayda. The castle is turned blue at night for a few minutes during the parade. Cinderella told Jayda that she was turning it blue just for her. Jayda was convinced that's why it happened. Sooooo sweet!
Kiss from Cinderella.

Wowzers. I am GORGEOUS! Buahahaha. Poor Russ wakes up to this every morning. At least in this picture you don't see the drool stain. But this is what family vacations are all about, right? Bonding with each other and just sharing the love!
We watched the fireworks from our car. It was perfect. They were right above our heads, we had great seats, nobody in our way, and we beat the traffic. And the kids thought it was super cool to sit on the rental car!
I love how excited Lilly is!
Our hotel was at Downtown Disney so we would walk over in the evenings. This was our last night there and the kids played in the fountain.

We enjoyed the pool at the hotel nearly every day.

Character breakfast at our hotel on our last morning.
Jayda had her own queen bed. Russ and I shared a queen. Lilly slept in a crib, in the closet, with the door shut. It was the perfect set up!
My sweet babies in their Disney Princess Tiaras! Oh how I love them.
It was truly the trip of a life time and I feel soooo blessed that we had the opportunity to make such sweet memories!

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