Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Twice Blessed

Sometimes I can't believe they're mine.

Sometimes I feel so blessed it takes my breath away.

Sometimes I can't believe these two little spirits came to be sisters because Russ and I fell in love and started a family. Then I watch them together and realize that Russ and I may not have had much to do with it. Their connection seems to be more of a heavenly creation.

I could be their mom for a million more lifetimes and still not get enough.

They mean the world to each other. They cling to each other when they're sad. They run to each other when they want to share a giggle. They snuggle first thing in the morning and right before bed each night. They were meant to be sisters. Sometimes I think that me being their mom was just the price they had to pay to get to this earth to be together again. They seem to have known each other prior to being sisters here. They seem to have loved each other since the stars were created.

My wish for them is to find happiness in each others successes and hold each other during their failures. That they'll cry together, laugh together, plot and plan together, and pray together.

Love you girls...

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