Sunday, April 10, 2011

Look Whoo's Having a Baby

Heather and I threw a shower for our dear friend Sarah. She was expecting her first baby (a little boy named Dallas who was born a few days ago). We used owls as the theme and it turned out pretty cute! The games were actually fun, the food was simply amazing (I can say that because Mallory and Heather did it all), and the turn out was great.

Sarah is a good friend. She is a pediatric nurse and works at the hospital where I had both of my kids. When I had Lilly (remember how horrible that was!) she was there to come in and check on me and make me feel better. Not just to check on me physically...but to make sure I was okay emotionally. She's pretty awesome and it was GREAT to "shower" her with love and support.

Look how cute Sarah looks pregnant.
If I didn't love her so much I'd totally hate her.

Heather, along with helping decorate, coming up with the games,
and making most the food, spent a bunch of time making these cool paper hangy thingy's.
They really make a party look cool. (Please note that she's gonna kick my butt for putting this awesome picture of her on my blog. I can guarantee I said something to her and she's giving me her sideways "you're crazy" look....I get that look a lot). :)

The cupcakes were made by yours truly! Shocking, I know!

Aren't these little cinnamon bun candles cute? Perfect parting gift for our guests. The tag read "thanks for celebrating Sarah's bun-in-the-0ven. We had a real hoot!" Cute, eh?

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Brent said...

So how wrong would it be for me to say that I'm totally looking forward to being back so Mali can participate in these things? We miss you guys, and this looked like the kind of thing that we don't get enough of here.