Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Sunbeam

Sweet Jayda Grace gave her first talk in primary today. The talk was on Jesus Christ and Miracles. She did great. Like really great. She talked for 3 minutes and did her entire talk all by herself. At 4 years old she's already public speaking with no help from mom or dad!

She's in the Sunbeam class (the youngest group) and was given the opportunity to present this little talk. It was too cute.

Russ and I worked with Jayda during our last Family Home Evening (for those of you that don't know...Family Home Evening is where we keep Monday nights free for family night and we focus on each other and how we can be a closer family and closer to the Lord. The night can consist of a little spiritual lesson or even just play time. It's just our time as a family to shut out the world and focus on each other. It's a strongly encouraged tradition our church recommends and it has become our favorite night of the week). Once she created her talk with help from her daddy, I "wrote" her talk out in the form of pictures. Since she can't read she needed a little something to help her stay on track. She used the notes as her guide and looked at the audience often.

I'm a crier so it's no shock that it brought me to tears. Russ, however, was also teary eyed (it's true weren't sneezing or getting dust out of your were tearing up like a man child).

She was very proud of herself. But no where near as proud as we were. She's such our little sunbeam. She just warms our hearts and lights up our lives.

Good job Jayda Grace. We love you!

So that we never forget her is her talked "written out" with the pictures and what she said next to each page.

Hi. My name is Jayda Grace and I am giving a talk today on Jesus Christ (he's the Son of God) and Miracles.

What is a Miracle? A miracle is something amazing and special that God does through his power.

When Jesus was on earth her performed some miracles. Here are a few. Jesus healed the sick. He helped a blind man see. He fed 5000 people with only a small plate of fish and bread. He turned water into wine. and he brought a boy who had died back to life.

My favorite miracle is when Jesus walked on
water. There was a big storm and Jesus' disciples were on a boat and they were
scared because the weather and waves were so bad. They saw someone walking on the water. "Is that you walking on water, Jesus?" It was Jesus! Peter asked Jesus to walk on the water so that he too could believe it was Jesus walking on the water. So Peter got out of the boat to walk on the water, but he started to sink. Jesus helped him up and then Peter walked on water too. Jesus asked Peter "why were you afraid, Peter? Did you not think I would help you?"
Then Jesus calmed the weather down. The three miracles in this story is that Jesus walked on water, Peter walked on water, and Jesus calmed the storm.

The greatest miracle is when Jesus died on the cross and then was put in the tomb for three days and then he came back to life. He was resurrected! That's a big miracle! Because of this miracle we can all live forever in heaven with our families.

I believe in Jesus. I believe in God. I believe in Miracles. In the name of Jesus Christ - Amen.


Stephie said...

So cute! She is such a dear! I can't wait till she's famous and I can tell people I knew her when she was a little girl1

Jamie said...

Great job Jayda! I pray that you will grow to love Jesus more and more your whole life! And hey! We have Monday nights as family nights other commitments, no TV, just dinner with the family and usually talking about our Bible lesson from Sunday! It is a tradition that does keep our family closer!

Erin said...

I meant to tell you she did a fantastic job. I was SO impressed. I don't think I heard an um or uh in there anywhere (this is coming from someone who's been in Toastmasters). She looked at the audience, spoke clearly, and connected. She brought the Spirit into the room, too, because she was talking from the heart. FANTASTIC.