Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Now Accepting Applications

Seriously...my brothers are like the most handsome, sweet, loving, caring, smart, funny, and cool guys I know (with the exception of my bearded hottie of a husband who is the best guy on the planet).

I am now accepting applications for girlfriends for these two studs.

Minimum Qualifications:


Some college courses completed and a goal to graduate (if not already achieved).

Must be pretty (I know it's superficial but I don't care).
Super pretty is even better.

Must make them laugh and enjoy laughing often - even if its at herself.

Must like kids...especially mine because babysitting my children so I can have a date night with my husband is going to be part of the interview process.

Must have a job, a car, and a good relationship with her own family.

Must be independent and strong-willed, but not a feminist (seriously - those are lame. let the boys pay for dinner and get your door, dammit).

Qualified candidates should also be adventurous, enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy being goofy.

Position requires someone who will never go psycho or stalk them, must tell Austin or Dallas when they are wearing too many accessories or are pushing the fashion limits far too much for a straight man, and must be okay with their involvement with MMA. Position also requires someone willing to deal with occasional farts, belches, and dumb statements (they are boys you know).

Compensation includes handsome, sweet, loving, romantic man-child who will also be a good friend.

Please keep your application to these open positions confidential. My brothers would kill me if they knew I was doing this. So, if you are interested - or know anyone who would be fantastic - please reply to this posting with who it is and why they would be great. And no, you don't get a placement fee (unless they get married...they I'll send you $100 and a bag of Fritos).

...but seriously...they're too cute!

Dallas (21) - Austin (24)

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Debra Porter Dickerson said...

As adorable as they are, I'm surprised they need help, or. . . do you want the final say? They will be your sisters after all! You will never beable to beat my SIL Lori Meredith Porter!