Monday, January 11, 2010

Man-oh-Man it’s been too long since I’ve updated the blog. I don’t really have anything interesting to say so I’ll just share some snippets and quick photos so I can remember what we did this past Holiday season.

We're back in VA and are happy to be in our own beds in our own house. However, we are seriously more homesick than ever. Jayda is now old enough to really miss her extended family. She can often be found with very real tears in her eyes as she mumbles about missing her "California family." She's laying in on pretty thick and often asks if we can go back there right away. Russ and I both hope to eventually move back to CA, but we are so blessed to have great friends in VA that make this place our home. It's nice to be loved on every coast!

So, without further-ado, here's a quick recap:

Our girls are cute!! (this isn't so much a reacap as it is a factual statment (at least in my biased opinion) :)

Russ’ friend Max got married on December 5th so we flew to California, drove to Lake Arrowhead, and helped celebrate at the wedding. It was fun to see Russ’ friends from high school all growns up. They are such a cool bunch of guys!

On the 18th of December I joined the Dirty Thirty Club. I was dreading it and had planned on spending the day crying in my wrinkle cream. Russ had other ideas and made it the best birthday ever! Overnight stay at a beach side resort sans kiddos, steak and lobster for dinner, flowers, balloons, sparkling cider in our room, and diamond earrings as we watched the sunset. The next morning we saw a beautiful sunrise, enjoyed a walk near the beach, and had a delicious and quiet breakfast while overlooking the water. It was soooo fantastic! Well played Russy - well played! I love ya!

On the 21st of December we welcome my baby brother home from his mission. We were all so excited and it felt great to give him a huge hug. Please notice in one picture how my mother completely bypassed the “do not enter” security signs and she ran into his arms. We were all supposed to be holding signs and yelling for him when we saw him but apparently mom couldn’t wait. She ran faster than I imagined she could…it was quite impressive. We are sooo glad he’s home. He’s sweet, handsome, funny, well-adjusted, and smart ---love love love having him around!

Christmas was awesome…so awesome that I was having too much fun to even pick up a camera and take any pictures. I’m such a loser. We had a fantastic time spending the holiday with our families (Russ’ side and mine). Our girls were spoiled rotten with gifts and we were spoiled rotten by being with family and enjoying the nice So Cal weather. The pics below are from Christmas morning and Christmas afternoon. Jayda had fun playing “duck duck goose” with Uncle Dallas and Uncle Daustin (Austin, but she still adds the "D"). I had a great time being with my “baby” brothers. We all enjoyed being with family! (soo bummed I don't have any pics of the fun stuff we did with the Roth side of the family. I was enjoying gabbing and catching up with my in-laws, brothers & sisters-in-laws, nieces and nephews, etc so I didn't take any photos--insert frowney face here).

We are excited to welcome 2010 and can't wait to see all of the fun memories it will bring! Happy New Year!!

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Shelley said...

Cori, love all the pictures. It is awesome to live closer to family though; get your butts out here!