Friday, October 16, 2009


My mom is an artist. She's good. Really good. Not like "pretty good with a few cool pieces to look at"...more like "blow your mind, holy crud someone can paint that" good. Granted I'm biased, but she's done over 1000 projects in the past 20 years and I'd have to say that everyone agrees with me. Her God given talent to bring art to life is pretty amazing.

She has painted every room I've ever lived in---which is why as an adult I have an unnatural fear of plain white walls. So, if you too are white wall phobic, or want something special painted in your home, business, school, church, etc...then call the best...AKA: My Mom.

If you're in the giving mood during this pre-thanksgiving season, do us a favor and add my moms button, or a link to her site, on your blog. You can show all of your friends how hoity toity and artsy fartsy you are by knowing a famous Orange County artist (who is and is not famous is totally subjective, right?) Maybe if she gets a job from your blog button she can paint your face hidden in her next mural??? (Ha! Just kidding...that would be massively creepy!)

She's ready and willing to paint some killer murals or canvas keep her in mind when you're in the mood for an interior make-over!

Love ya mom. And yes, I'm fully expecting a painting on canvas for this free advertising.


Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

Yes, I have known your mom is gifted for many years Go Lori! Cuz, Janice

Erin said...

She is amazing. I already knew this because I've seen your house, but all this other stuff--holy crud, how can someone paint this!!!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

I am a huge fan of her work, always have been!
I remember you hating your room with the picket fence and I was always envious... so cute!