Thursday, October 8, 2009

Potty Talk

When Jayda poops she always yells to me "I love you mom."

It's not just any "I love you mom." It's the grunting, breath holding, intense moan of "I love you mom" as she poops. She's always done it. She does it every single time. No matter what restroom she's in (our house, friends, stores, etc) I hear the declaration of affection while she's making her deposit.

She had some issues with her urinary tract when she was really little so it often hurt her to use the restroom. I remember holding her hand as she sat on the pot and cried and I'd cry with her and tell her "it's okay baby. I love you" as I'd try to offer up little words of encouragement as she suffered. Poor baby.

I can only imagine that those words of encouragement left a mark on her little brain and now she doesn't know she can poop without yelling that she loves me. That's okay though. I love hearing those words, even if she's sending them from her smelly, porcelain throne.


Pam said...

That's great! Ha Ha ha!
The girls are looking so cute! And I love your new hair!

Cardon Family said...

so dang funny! she is seriously a crack up....always keeping you on your toes! There is nothing better than a grunty I love you!:)