Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Our sweet baby girl was blessed this past Sunday. Russ gave a beautiful blessing and spoke loud enough for us all to hear...which was hard since Sierra cried quite boisterously the entire time!

Baby blessings are a beautiful LDS custom. Russ gets to place his hands on his little daughters head and bless her with all of the things any parent would hope for their child. Others are invited to participate in the blessing. We were so lucky to have my dad (Sierra's PaPa) come from California to help give her this blessing. It made it so much more special having him there. We also had some good friends of ours help cradle her as the blessing was given.

In the blessing, Russ asked that she be watched over throughout her life, that she will know how much her parents and her Heavenly Father love her, that she will be close with her siblings, that she will be an example to others around her, that she will eventually marry in the temple and have children of her own, that she will be mindful to those around her and help those in need, and that throughout her life she will always go to the Lord in prayer. It was beautiful. It was perfect.

Mere seconds before Russ was to walk up and give the blessing we didn't know what her name would officially be. We had our top three names selected, but I wasn't able to make a commitment. Silly me. I like to think that she's just so special that I can't pick a special enough name...but whose kidding who...the problem was that I'm mildly crazy. Russ took the bull by the horns so to speak and just went with whatever came out of his mouth. I think it was a great decision.

He blessed our sweet baby with the name: Sierra Isabella-Mae. We will call her Sierra with an occasional Bella or Izzy Mae thrown in there. We call Jayda the following names: Jayda, Jayda Grace, Grace, and Gracie. Whatever comes out of our mouth at the moment is what she responds to. So, we figure an extra long name giving us multiple options is great. Some may think it's too long or too much, but the name really gives us what we wanted. It gives us the name Isabella Mae (we love calling her Bella and we wanted to name her after my grandma), but we also love Sierra. So why not have it all? Celebrity babies get 3 names all the time!

Thanks to those who voted on our poll. Your help was appreciated.

We will call her Sierra, but you can call her Sierra, Bella, Izzy, Izzy Mae, or "cutest baby in the entire world." Any of those will work.


Cardon Family said...

She is beautiful and getting so big! I love how she keeps her mouth open in all her pictures! So cute! I love that Russ decided on that name last minute and it really sounds perfect! Darling

Stephie said...

I love it! I hope it feels nice to have her name all settled--its perfect!

Darbee said...

She is a beautiful baby... no matter what you call her! :) But I love the name, too. Sierra Isabella-Mae is perfect!

Angie said...

I'm so jealous! I would have loved to called my Maddie Mae Izzy Mae instead. Brian wasn't into it. I love the last three pictures. She is adorable.