Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Name our 6 month old ---- PLEASE

As many of you know, we have never been happy with the name Sierra Bella.

I'll give the reasons we don't love her name in a future post.

Some of the time we call her Bella (which is great), but most of the time we call her "baby." The poor little thing needs a name.

We are frustrated not being able to decide and we are embarrassed it's taking us this long.

So, PLEASE take the poll on the side bar and help us pick a name!

Even if you don't normally leave comments - take our poll! We need help.

Here's a little bit of extra info to help or hinder you in your decision making...

Mae was my grandma's middle name. Virginia Mae Porter passed away the same day we found out we were pregnant. I adored and admired by grandma so the middle name "Mae" would be a tribute to her.

If we keep the name Isabella in there somewhere than we can still refer to her as Bella as we have for the past 6 months. Or we could call her "Izzy" which is super cute too!

Isabella was the 2nd most popular name the last two years in a row (this could be seen as good or bad - you decide).

I like the name Brooklyn - but I don't like "Brooke" or "Lyn" for nicknames (even though my middle name is Brooke).

Does Chloe sound too much like Cori or is it okay?

Anywhoo-this info may have helped or hindered or at a minimum sheds some light on why we are undecided (other than the fact that we are lame).

So, please cast your vote, leave me a comment if you'd like (please don't offer up new name ideas - I may go postal if I have to consider anything brain can't take it!) and check back later for our decision.

We are blessing our sweet baby on Sunday, September 20th so we will have picked a name by then.

So, what will this little buggers name be?


Erin said...

I really like Chloe and Sadie, I mean, I really like these names. Only problem with them now is that I have a friend whose bichon frise is named Chloe and a neighbor whose mini Schnauzer is named Sadie. So I could personally never use those names. I like the name Brooklyn (which is what I voted for) except it's not as portable as, say, Isabella. So maybe change my vote to Brooklyn Isabella, call her Bella (which you seem to like), and then she'll have a portable name almost wherever you might live in the world (except China, and then this is all out the window). I know what you mean about the nicknames, though--I like the name Victoria but am not so keen on Vicky.

Melissa said...

Oh man...your going to drive yourself crazy :) All of those names are soooo cute!! I voted but I won't tell you what I voted for just for sanity sake.

Angie said...

I LOVE Brooklyn. And of course, I'm a big "Mae" fan. So what did you choose?

Elizabeth Moon said...

Hi Cori, this is Elizabeth Moon. I'm not sure what etiquette calls for in this situation, but I thought I'd just let you know that I'd like to start reading your blog, and you can follow my name to mine, if you are interested.

Names are so hard! I really like all of your choices.