Monday, June 1, 2009

Sweet Bella - 11 Weeks

Update: She cries ALL day. She's actually horse sounding right now from screaming so much. Has reflux really bad. Projectile Vomits. Doesn't sleep well (if at all). She rests in her car seat instead of a bed because she's happier when shes propped up. She often smells like sour milk because she can't keep anything down, she goes through about 50 diapers a day (okay, I'm allowed to exaggerate since I'm going on 2 hours of sleep)! HOWEVER...she has a smile that will melt your heart. She coos and sings for her papa. She has a big dimple that is too cute for words. She loves to snuggle on your neck. Shes happy when she's being held by her mommy. Her eyes get huge and happy when her daddy walks in a room. She LOVES to pull up a chair to the milk bar (if you get my drift), she smiles HUGE for her big sister, and she is truly the perfect addition to our family! She is perfect...smelly milk vomit and all!!


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling with the reflux. Morgan came home with a heart monitor...not for his heart but so we would wake up if he were to gag from vomiting through his nose and mouth. Have you tried previcid? It works soooo well! It's a pinkish powder that comes in little packet pouches with granules (the actual medicine). You have to split it, then mix it with water and administer it with a syringe (you know, the kind they send home with teenagers that have their wisdom teeth taken out?). It may sound like a pain, but trust me. It is soooo worth your sanity to give it a try. Good luck!

Stephie said...

What a cutie! Love the bow.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cori and Bella - you poor honeys! Good thing you are both super cute!

Stephanie said...

First off, LOVE the blonde hair!

And secondly, she is so stinkin' cute! I love this post- you named the bad and ugly, but the good was right on- kids are great, arent they?

dave said...

she is so darn cute Cori.
I am so sorry that she's not sleeping for you. And reflux is the worst. I feel so bad for them, previcid worked well for Olivia too. They did it in a compound for Olivia, which meant that it was turned into a liquid form, so much easier to take.
Something so sweet deserves to feel good... and smell good too. I hope things get better soon.
And I cant believe she's already 11 weeks! It kills me how fast time goes. Liv is 8 months now and crawling everywhere... goes too fast.