Monday, June 8, 2009


Jayda: "Mom, did you know that I have 3 kids?
Me: "You do? Wow. You must be busy."
Jayda: "Yes, I'm verrrry busy. I have to take them on field trips and stuff."
Me: "Oh yea, where are you taking them?"
Jayda: "To the North Pole. We're going to go and kick it with Santa Clause (and yes, she said "kick it").
Me: "Well, that sounds fun."
Jayda: "Yup. I'm gonna take all three of them there. Their names are Niche, Grace, and Crap."
Me: "You named one of your kids crap?"
Jayda: "Yup. She's nice. She's not a brat...she's just crap."

And that my friends, is a shining example of my wonderful parenting skills!


Stephie said...

Nothing brightens my day more than a Jayda story!

Stephanie said...

i love her!

Anonymous said...

Hmm I don't think we'll be adding "crap" to our list of names. She crack me up!